Up, Lift USLC Higher

Up, Lift USLC Higher
 Unity Spiritual Life Center will be celebrating its 78th Birthday on June 7th! Wow! Then on July 1st RevDoc Patrick will be completing his 20th year as minister to this amazing ministry: 20 of the 78 years of the ministry! In the first 58 years USLC, did many amazing thing and grew little by little moving to our present location in 1994. Since RevDoc Patrick’s arrival we have had many high highs and some lows, then holding the the vision, we rose up higher.  This was one of the reasons prompted us to show the movie UP at the end of June.  A children’s animated movie that metaphysical shares how when we set off on a spiritual adventure, we will have high highs and some lows and then rise up to even higher heights! 
This past year has been a challenge for us all, moving through a pandemic that defied Unity’s foundational teaching of our innate health and wholeness and the miracle of ever renewing life!  But at the same time, it invited us to take some bold steps in learning components of the digital age that were asking us to rise up higher, to develop Live Streaming skills and an online audience, reaching out to the corners of our state and beyond, while letting go of our ancient telephone components to an on-line service, while actually cutting expenses. Now, with the many restrictions being removed and people are feeling more confident about venturing out in the world once again, as we feel a prompting in our heart as to what the next step might be, and how fast should we move? How do we reach out and expand our ministry and soul’s longing to be who we came here to be?
Well 20 years ago, we were essentially in the same space we are today! Then we gathered together to join in conversation and built consensus on what our next step might be, to build a stronger more united community as we went on a spiritual adventure into the spiritual teachings that Unity embraces.  After RevDoc arrived, we visioned paying the mortgage on the house off, renovate it and build the labyrinth that graces our grounds today. We went on a fund raiser campaign and a year later it was complete. Then we had the intuitive nudge that we needed to remove the walls of our bookstore and expand it, and it was done.  Then we took out the walls that enclosed the Myrtle Fillmore Room and now have a prayer and healing room.  Then it was on to the kitchen expanding it and redesigning the Fellowship Hall. Then someone realized we needed to replace our very ancient windows with new state of the art windows.  Someone then realized just how ugly our 1950 tiles and rugs were and they were gone, replaced with the new amazing tile work and carpets in the front Hall, Fellowship Hall and back rooms. Then it was new completely redesigned bathrooms that are handicap accessible.  Fans and new lights in the Fellowship Hall, new chairs and redesigning of the sanctuary. 
I may have gotten things out of order and missed a couple of things, but during this time we started have an Adult Unity styled Sunday, expanded ACIM Classes, Wednesday Night Meditation and classes and the Friends of Lotus had their amazing Kriya Yoga (Meditation) classes! We also have had many amazing workshops with world renowned scholars, musicians, and presenters.  And then they are those amazing soul moving metaphysical movies and some first-time screening. And oh did we mention that RevDoc Patrick had two books published, earned a doctorate, served on several boards for spiritual based organization and is an adjunct professor for UWSI. Wow, creating a solid spiritual foundation for our ministry to grow and expand!  
As these amazing things happened, people came and went. Some moved to new cities, others moved on to a new time space continuum, and other’s left due to triangulation and not being able to see beyond their point of view.  We miss them all! All the while Spirit asked us to rise up, to lift up higher as we surrender to Spirit’s Prompting and guidance to experience the wonders of spiritual transformation and the allness of life.  Just as the movie Up asked us to do! As Spiritual literature describes we will take off on the journey of a lifetime to have high highs, and low lows, only to rise up higher and higher. Namaste will you join us on the journey.