Leaning Into The Wind

Notes from A Skylark,”

The Writings of Schulyer Cronley,

Co-founder of Unity Church of Oklahoma City


Leaning Into The Wind


       There are many dangers that confront the workman engaged in the construction of buildings. The higher the building, quite often, the greater the danger.

       The higher one goes with the framework of these buildings, the greater the intensity of the wind that is encountered. Many times, it becomes much of a problem for the workmen to continue their work without being blown off the building to the ground many feet below.

       One of the dangerous habits that an inexperienced workman is liable to contract in work of this kind, if he isn’t properly instructed previously in safety measures, is the habit of “leaning into the wind”. Not just a few lives have been sacrificed in this manner.

        The reason for this is that the blowing of the wind is not a continuous thing, nor does it have the same pressure behind each gust. If one leans into a heavy wind – the natural thing to do – without being constantly alert, the result is that when the wind dies down as suddenly as it arose, the one who is leaning into it will lose his equilibrium. If it is a high building, upon which one is working, the result can be disastrous.

        For the spiritually minded, we point out this lesson:

Too often and too much do we materially-minded people lean into the wind of adversity, as it blows about our “building of life”. To lean into the wind of adversity, and dependence which we place upon the possession of money and material things, can be as disastrous to the “leaner” as it is to the construction worker on the tall building.

        Unless we are anchored and alert to its leaving us, we’ve nothing to cling to. Man does not have to “lean into” the terrifying wind of belief in sickness, ill health, greed, lack, and power that is prejudicial rather than beneficial. When he does so, he commits the same error of the construction worker. Just as often, too, without safety measures, a life is sacrificed that might have otherwise contributed much to the building of a Spiritual temple.

       Herewith be warned: If at any time you be tempted, or believe it to be necessary to “lean into” the wind of man’s promises and changeable personality, be sure that you do so only from a greater belief and reliance upon the “safety belt” of the faith and love exemplified by Jesus Christ.