Indigo, The Movie of the Month

Indigo, The Movie

Sunday Sept 12th at 1:15

After three fateful choices by her grandfather, Grace, a ten year-old Indigo Child, guides her broken family to a chance for redemption through her innate healing and intuitive powers, which forever alters the lives of everyone she encounters. In the sharing of this unique yet powerful story, the movie INDIGO introduces a new generation of intuitive and spiritually gifted children being born into the world, and somehow are not programmed by the mortal mind’s dictates.  This film asks the deeper questions of life like: “Who are we?” “Why are we here?”  “What is our True potential?” It then portrays a way the emotional healing of a family can take place.  “It’s a powerful film that makes you feel better about being a human being.” Originally released in 2001, the contents of this movie were so controversial to the theater owners of Oklahoma City, that they refused to show it. Why?