A Heat and Air Update

A Lawn & Garage Sale

October 14th and 15th


A Roof Heat and Air Update

Well, we on the move, we made a $23,000 down payment on 5 H&A Units we need to replace. Now we only need another $23,000 to finish paying for the Heating and Air Units now ordered and will be installed in October. Wow, if you like to make a payment towards the installation of this amazing efficient now units, please do so, by writing a check in any amount and place the words Heat & Air on the open line on the bottom of the check. That would simply be awesome! Unless we receive a few checks totaling $23,000 we will be having a second fund raiser on October 14th and 15th, so if you like to make a donation of items for the Lawn & Garage sale, that you are no longer wanting in your house that would be awesome to. We are making room in Heritage house to store items till October, so you may bring those items now if you like to clear out a space in your home.  Please hold the vision for with us, that we raise more than enough funds to cover the expense of replaces our H&A Units that are 35 years and no longer repairable. That abundance of every good kind is pouring out upon us and good and gooder are coming our way

We know that USLC’s membership loves their church home and wishes to see it in its highest and best, and would like to be a part of the process of making it happen. We invite you to engage the principles of Prosperity; as you give to what spiritually feeds you, it comes back to in multiple ways of health, happiness and abundance.