Healing Ideas

Healing Ideas -- Notes From a Skylark  --By Schuler E Cronley

A long time ago, a man named Newton discovered that any object set free in the atmosphere of the earth would be drawn to the bosom of mother earth. Science call this the “Law of Gravity.” All things of the earth are subject to it. Yet much earlier than this, a man named Jesus Christ taught of another law which He put into words like these: “and I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto me.” That he was lifted up, and not only in spirit and soul, but also in body, is a matter of historical record which even his greatest enemy could not deny.  Thus we have before us undeniable proof of the operation of two laws – one a law of the earth drawing to it all things that are of the earth. The other a law of the spirit of life and intelligence drawing unto itself all things that are of life and the spirit.


Now there is a spirit in man and that spirit is the life and intelligence of God – yet it lives, moves, and has its being in the body of Flesh which is of the earth. Thus, we find ourselves constantly drawn in different directions.  Since we can only go one way at a time, we must choose which that way shall be and then pack our bags accordingly. One who is going to Chicago doesn’t take the same apparel he would take to San Antonio. This is a spiritual meaning also. So many times, we choose the heavenly path but we try to take along all the clothing of our present mortal state.


We want prosperity, but we are unwilling to let loose of our greed. We want health, but we are unwilling to leave behind our unhealthy attitudes. We want wisdom, but we are reluctant to discipline ourselves to make the effort to seek the unlimited source of wisdom. Yes, we want everyone to be believe we are traveling the righteous road, but when they’re not looking, we sneak off the other side of the train.  Most of us are like Paul: “The things I would do,” he said, “I do not, and the things I would not do, I do.” This is because we are not aware of another law of balance and order which is the first law of spiritual progress any person should Learn. That law is, “what goes into man’s consciousness, must come out.” If we do not want what we know to be the sure results of certain types of thought, to manifest in our life and our affairs, there is only one way to prevent it and that is by drowning them in a flood of spiritually righteous thoughts. If they persist, keep pushing them under until they are drowned and washed away.


There is no hocus pocus about healing, whether be of mind or body. Healing is the result of concentrated, consecrated, disciplined mental activity and physical cooperation and order on the part of the healer and unconditional faith of the recipient.


“Look unto me and be ye saved”, is the spiritual command fulfilled by the promise, “I will keep him in perfect peace.” We are both the healer and the healed, the prosperer and the prospered, but we cannot expect the perfect results, until through consciousness, we have trained the subconsciousness, the soul, to call for and demand that which habitual faith in God and Jesus Christ has, and can produce.