Foundations of Healing Touch HTI Healing Touch Certificate Program – Level I

Foundations of Healing Touch

HT1 Healing Touch Certicate Program Level 1

Fri June 19th and Sat. June 20th– 8:30 to 6


Healing Touch is a nurturing and heart-centered energy healing therapy, which assists in balancing, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. The goal in Healing Touch is to restore harmony and balance, to support the body’s natural healing ability. It is safe for all ages and works in harmony and collaboration with standard medical care. Healing Touch is used in a wide variety of settings including hospitals, long term care facilities, private practices, hospices, spas and is taught in universities, medical and nursing schools.


This is an introductory workshop about the theoretical concepts that underlie this holistic healthcare practice. This Healing Touch Workshop is normally offered for $275, here at Unity it is being presented on a Love Offering Basis, this concept will be explained further on the opening day.  We ask you to give from your heart and ask how your soul is being nourished by the wisdom you are receiving.                                                                                 


Raine Benham who is a holistic nurse and has worked within the healthcare system for over twenty years, will be teaching the class.   Her background includes intensive care, and psychiatric nursing, as well as working with and counseling battered women. She is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner with a full-time private practice. She has been a networker for the American Holistic Nurses Association for the Oklahoma City area since 1997. She is co-owner and founder of Integrative Healing Arts and Healing Touch Oklahoma, LLC.


Rev. Patrick McAndrew will be co-teaching with her for the second time and would like to become a certified Healing Touch Instructor.   Patrick has been a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner for 6 years and has studied Healing Touch for a little over 11 years.  He actually has been studying Holistic principles and concepts for 30 years through the Unity movement which teachings similar concepts.  


If you are interested in attending please register ahead of time so we can have adequate supplies on hand.  Attendance will be limited,

You can contact Rev. Patrick at 789-2424 or, or go to