A Day For Volunteer Appreciation!

A Day For Volunteer Appreciation!


Affair of he Heart

February 14th at Noon


Our Volunteers are God’s Love in Expression. They share their gifts and talents in unique and wondrous ways! From our Ushers, to our Children’s Church Ministry, to our Grounds Crew, to our Musicians, to our Book Store Team, to our Welcoming Team, and our Over Head Projection Team, to the guy that sits back there in the corner and yes to our Hospitality Team, who fix amazing meals each week.  And we say Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! But we thought we would like to show our appreciation for all you do in a little bit bigger way, a meal of appreciation.  We will be having Chicken Pecan (another one of RevDoc Patrick’s secret recipes), Grilled Salmon, and other delicious creations. 


Traditionally we have service meal as a full-service dinner, but due to Covid were not sure how that might work!  If you are a volunteer and are not able to make it, know

“We Love and appreciate You.” And Everyone is Welcome!