The Da Vinci Code, The Movie of the Month

The Da Vinci Code,
The Movie of the Month

Sunday February 7th a 1:15


The Da Vinci Code a movie that sparked a lot of debate when it was originally released.  The elderly curator of the Louvre was murdered inside the museum and a baffling cipher had been found along with the body. As they sort through the bizarre riddles, detectives are stunned to discover a trail of clues in the works of Da Vinci that eventually lead to the killer, and to secrets that have been buried for centuries. Is the movie fact or fiction? The answer can only be discovered if you are willing to step beyond your comfort and the limited version of history about Western Culture and Constantine’s Church.  

The focus of this murder mystery is on the discovery of Mary Magdalene’s physical remains to help link bizarre clues left by Leonardo Da Vinci and with a plot by Knight’s Templar and the “church” to suppress information that would damage its creditability. But in their pursuit to uncover the mysterious clues, other historical accounts are revealed about how the nature of the Christian movement was radically changed, historical accounts that people in influential positions don’t want you to know about?  

What really happened at the Nicene Council in 325 A.D. Was it the way that modern day theology tells it, or the way historians and artifacts tell it.  What is the Divine Feminine anyway? Is it only in reference to pagan goddesses and their worship or was it really more a part of early Christianity than we are told?   And what ever happened to the early influences of the Gnostics and Mystics that were so prevalent before, during and after Jesus’ life? What happened to their literature? Just a few of the topics the movie touches upon.  Please join us for a thought-provoking moment in the possibilities of what could have been?