Contact, the Movie


The Movie of the Month

Starring Jodie Foster

Sunday July 25th at 1:15


This is an exciting Sci-Fi adventure of the day we make connection with life beyond Earth.  But It also sparks the imagination of what lies beyond this physical dimension in the realm of Spirit.  Ellie Arroway is a woman of science and an astronomer who is confronted and limited by the concerns and the beliefs of the religious right. Ellie who is free-thinking radio astronomer discovers an intelligent signal broadcast from deep space and then deciphers the Message which details how to build a mysterious Machine. The stunning event will force everyone on Earth to challenge their most basic assumptions. Will humankind be able to find a compromise between science and belief?


This is an excellent movie that explores how the fields of science and religion often restrict and limit one another, and yet if we allowed each field to remain autonomous we might realize that they are simply different views that ultimately seek to prove the same thing.  Join us for a fun time