Being the Way of the Spiritual Explorer

On Zoom and In Person at 7 pm

Ever thought of training to be a Jedi?

Then you might be interested in
Being the Way of the Spiritual Explorer

Beginning Wednesday January 20th at 7 pm


To Be a Jedi, you must first learn the ways of the Force as it flows around and within you, so that you can connect with It and feel It’s Presence. Only then can you understand the Life Force’s movements and direct It!


The Star Wars Series caught the American Public’s fascination with a very powerful metaphor, which reflects Spirit’s Presence in our lives and how we might tap into It.  Rev.Doc. Patrick believes these teachings are at the heart and core of the Spiritual Journey we are all on and were actually the basis of what Jesus and other ancient Mystics taught, but these teachings got lost in time, just as the teachings of the Jedi were lost in the time space continuum. 


You are invited to awaken to the Force flowing through you by consciously moving into a deeper process of spiritual growth and development, just as Luke, Leya, Annekin, Obeone, Rey and Finn were invited to do in The Star Wars Series. Although there will be no external battles with Star Ships and Light Sabers, only internal battles as the ego tries to hang onto you.  Some might call this a discipleship program, and so it is, but if that word causes you some resistance I invite you to look at that resistance, then transform stepping into the ways of Spiritual Explorer.


Being the Way, A book written by Rev.Doc Patrick will provide the base line of this series.  Being The Way, explores the spiritual journey Jesus took in Gospel of Mark, and delves into the metaphysical insights of the Book of Revelation, then asks you to look at the path you have traveled to this point in time and asks you if you want to take the next step on the journey and will guide you on what that might be. And of course, insights into the Journey of the Jedi will inspire the mind.   Please join us on a journey of our life Time.