Being of Sacred Service --The Wonder of Allowing Your Light to shine


Being of Sacred Service

The Wonder of Allowing Your Light to shine


During the Holiday Season, we have had many chances to celebrate by providing Sacred Service at Unity.  The beauty of the building as it is decorated for Christmas happened because volunteers pitched in and gave of their time, energy,  creativity and love to make Unity SLC even more beautiful than it is every day.  


The Silent Auction was put together on a short timeline, and we raised over $450 to help cover the expenses of the new Security Cameras which were installed over the past months.  The volunteers were quite organized as they ended the auction and let winners pay for their items.  It was an interesting and exciting activity.  


The Christmas Eve Service was beautiful, uplifting and peaceful, the candle lighting always creates a very powerful ending reminding us that we are each the light of the world. The music is awesome.  We want to thank everyone who helped set up the amazing delicious Christmas buffet and helped to clean up afterward.  As the saying goes the more the merrier and we had a merry crew.


The New Year's Eve Service will be equally valuable as we release old problems and challenges.  


What are your ideas for additional activities?  Our Unity People seem to like interacting with each other, especially in purposeful ways.  Note the weekly pot luck buffet which has contributed to an excellent sense of community.  There is nothing like sharing food and energy with like-minded people to contribute to a feeling of well being.  Welcoming new people to join us is another beautiful undertaking.  Learning about them and telling them about us is a wonderful way of sharing, leading to camaraderie and compatibility.  It is a way to see how others approach their spiritual life.   


Give us a note about your ideas and we will explore them.  My email address is  Or you may call the church at 405-789-2424.


Barbara Duffy