79th Anniversary!!!


Unity Spiritual Life Center

79th   Anniversary!!!

On Sunday, June 5th Unity Spiritual Life Center celebrates its 79th birthday. Our spiritual community was given birth on June 7th 1943! Wow, I hope you will take a few moments to join in the celebration, by taking a look in the Myrtle Fillmore Healing and Prayer Room and wonder in our Treasures Room, where all the memorabilia of our Center is stored.  We have Unity Magazines and Unity books dating back to 1893! We have the Unity Black Series, the Red Series, and the Green Series. We have copies of books signed by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, we have original manuscripts of Charles Roth and Joel Goldsmith. We have 33 LPs from the 1930s and 40’s Gospel music, would you like to listen to it? If so, then you will need to bring your turn table! We have lots of hidden treasures in our Treasures Room. We now even have an audio CD of Charles Fillmore’s Talk at OKC’s Hall of Mirrors in 1946.  Would you like to have one? Would you like to send USLC a Birthday gift, perhaps a donation to help pay for needed repairs to the roof and heat and air units?  That Would be Awesome!