Yea Yea or Ney, Ney

Yea yea or Ney, Ney is the title for the Sunday Celebration Service on April 30, 2017.  It is interesting what our mortal egoic orientation Mind has created within our world today.  It focus on fear and turmoil and challenges, while Jesus focused on intentional directing the conscious mind, that part of us that is only aware in this moment now, on the wonder and goodness of life (he called this Heaven and the Kingdom of God).  How can we do this, focus the conscious mind on this moment and the kingdom of Heaven, by following his instructions and allowing our words to be Yea yea or nea, nea (yes i like this - no i don't like that) and understanding that every thing else we say or think comes from the darkness, from the ego mind, that wants you to become lost on the path.  The only darkness that exist is what we give our attention and focus to.  hum! this lesson is about 30 minutes long.