High Mysticism

High Mysticism

Wednesday Nights from 7 to 8 pm

Emma Curtis Hopkins, the author of "High Mysticism" and "Scientific Christian Mental Practice" was a student of Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science, who started her own school, and some would argue was the founder of the New Thought Movement.  Mrs. Hopkins' gift for teaching showed itself early. Before she was fifteen years old, she entered Woodstock Academy (Conneticut) as a student and because of her genius was given a place on the faculty as a teacher. She returned to being a student, taking classes in Christian Science. Later she served on the editorial staff of the Christian Science Journal -- only to find her purpose asserting itself and drawing her into the role of independent leadership and of a great teacher.

Among her students were many prominent teachers and leaders within the New Thought movement, including Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, founders of the Unity School of Christianity, H. Emilie Cady, author of the Unity textbook "Lessons in Truth," Malinda E. Cramer, co-founder of Divine Science, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, New Thought poetess, Elizabeth Town; and Ernest Holmes, founder of the Church of Religious Science.

After an economic crisis wiped out Charles Fillmore's successful real estate business and his wife Myrtle became sick with tuberculosis, the Fillmores followed the recommendation of a friend and went to a lecture given by Dr. E. B. Weeks, a student of Emma Curtis Hopkins. As a result of this lecture, Myrtle was cured of her illness and the roots of the Unity School of Christianity were set. The Fillmores later went to study with Hopkins.

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