Looking Deeper Into The Hidden Realm Of God

Looking Deeper Into

The Hidden Realm Of God


Wednesday  from 7 to 8


I placed a new book on the desk in the bookstore written by a friend, and a teacher of mine, and it attracted a lot of attention.  It was an intriguing book and asked some basic questions, “Have you considered what the fundamental principles of life are really about? How you could apply these statements of Truth into your life and actually manifest greater health, prosperity and love?  By studying the works of prominent Unity writers, and their metaphysical and theological views, you can create a portal to awaken to a deeper, fuller understanding of the spiritual dimension we call life.  Through the consistent use of these practical principles, you will realize more of your spiritual potential and find that your life is transformed! 


Texts for this class are Heart-Centered Metaphysics by Paul Hasselbeck and The Hidden Realm of God, by James Gaither. SEE credit available. Presented on a love offering basis.