Understanding – The Realization of Right Relationships In All of Life

Understanding – The Realization of Right Relationships In All of Life
Disciple Thomas/ Color is Gold
 Location is the Souls of the Feet

So divinely is the world organized that every one of us, in our place and time, is in balance with everything else.
                Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Through Divine Understanding we find God. God is at the heart of all mental pursuits. God is the center of being of the Universe. God is the center of you. When you seek understanding, you seek God. When you Seek, ask and knock, all is revealed, in due time.

For the past two months our vehicle has been out of commission. Our clutch went out. In a manual transmission this is the worst. Then the fellow we asked to repair it developed a hernia. He cannot work on it. So we are at a stalemate with the Universe. It requires Divine Understanding to see beyond the impediment into the solution. In faith, believing, we gave it to the Universe, to God, to repair our vehicle in a timely manner. All is yet to reveal. Now is our time to activate faith.

When you reach beyond your mortal comprehension you activate the mind of God. God is ever willing, waiting, to answer your plea. You have to ask, believing God will answer. Then release it to the Universe to handle. That takes the largest part of faith, the release. It is a trust that your prayer will find a home and dwell within the heart of God.

Divine Understanding is the very nature of God made manifest. This occurs when we put aside our comprehension of the matter and allow, enable, God to shine forth. We must reserve our human mind for the perseverance of the Divine. Our light shines brightest when fueled by the will and power of God. Our Human Will steps aside as we seek Divine Understanding. This understanding grows as we persevere through faith. In this measure we are the true masters of our destiny.

When your world becomes fraught with dis-ease and discomfort, take a deep breath. Breathe in God Is. Breathe out, I Am. Center your being and know the I Am is God. You are a partaker of the Divine. Enhance your calm and know beyond knowing that your faith will see you through. As the book says, Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding. Rather rely on the Divine to see you through. It never fails.

By Bryan Carlile


Affirm these statements every morning!!!

I Am the Way of Understanding.
I am aware of the movements of the universe and
I see clearly to the Heart of every matter!
I am the Way, The Truth and the Light!