Understanding – The Realization of Right Relationships

Understanding – The Realization of Right Relationships In All of Life
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 Location is the Souls of the Feet

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.”
                            Marie Curie

Divine understanding is the measure of right relationships. When we seek the Christ mind in others, we express the Christ consciousness in ourselves. Only through such essence of the Divine can we secure a deeper understanding of ourselves, and Spirit. True understanding comes through wisdom. Wisdom comes through a deeper connection to our higher self and the nature of God. Only through such a right relationship can we obtain that deeper connection to Spirit.

As many of you know, I recently received a miracle, a new heart. I had been on the transplant list for a year. It took them seven hours to remove everything and replace my old, big and baggy heart with a new one that is the right size and shape for my body. I am a new man. Soon I will be able to go out in public without having to wear a surgical mask. When that I happens, I will rejoin you.

My challenge for Divine Understanding runs deep. When you take the principle organ from a donor, you also take on their energy. I am thankful for the Healing Touch Team at Integris for visiting me twice a week throughout my two-month stay in the hospital. We worked on making that spiritual connection between my mind and the new heart. I am at peace with the new heart. I have no signs of rejection, which is a miracle in itself.

I must form a right relationship with my new heart. I have taken on the challenge of accepting the truth of the donor into my life and integrating the new heart into my being. I am alive and well. But it wasn't easy. A week and a half after having the transplant, I coded and they had to perform CPR. When they did, it caused a rupture in an artery. They had to crack my chest, again, repair the artery and stitch me back up. It set my recovery back. I overcame it. I have a strong will to live. I also have lots of love from my friends and family, not to mention my Unity family. I love you all.

When facing a challenge in understanding a situation, or even a person, find that Christ center inside your heart, where the Christ essence dwells. Seek Divine understanding and that right relationship. Only then will you get to the heart of the matter. Then you will know, intuitively, what course of action to take. When you get the call for your true heart, listen, follow Spirit and act according to the Christ consciousness within, and you can't go wrong.

By Bryan Carlile

Affirm these statements every morning!!!
I Am the Way of Understanding.
I am aware of the movements of the universe and
I see clearly to the Heart of every matter!
I am the Way, The Truth and the Light!