Teddy Bear Drive The Children Say Thank You




Teddy Bear Drive  - The Children at the Care Center Say THANK YOU!

Reach out in Love and touch someone’s heart. Each Holiday Season Unity Spiritual Life of Oklahoma City collects new teddy bears for underprivileged children and children in need of some extra love.    During the weeks of our Teddy Bear Drive the teddy bears remain in our sanctuary where you are encouraged to hold and fill them with the love of your heart.  Just before Christmas we take the teddy bears to a Child Care Agency who distributes them directly to children.  The past several years we have worked with “Care,” an organization that works with children in crisis.   “Care” has found that the most effective way of reaching a child in crisis is to put something in their arms that they can embrace.  As they embrace the teddy bear they feel your love and begin to calm down so that “Care” can begin their work.  Believe it or not during the Holiday Season domestic violence and physical abuse of children rises dramatically; as a result “Care,” a city child support agency, runs critically low on their supply of the love a teddy bear can provide.  Please reach out in love and touch the heart of a child in crisis by bringing a teddy bear to the church.