A Special Note To You From the Board of Trustees

A Special Note To You From the Board of Trustees.

One of the ongoing opportunities of the Unity’s Board of Trustees is choosing a local organization to support with a portion of USLC’s Tithe on the income it receives. Yes Unity Spiritual Life Center practices the spiritual discipline of tithing.  We believe that as we give to what spiritually feeds us, that action is like a lightning bolt that flows out into the invisible ethers to bring back to us of It’s abundance in many wonderful ways. The majority of that tithe goes to Unity Worldwide Ministries, which provides our ministry and those who attend here many wonderful spiritual inspirations.  Ten percent of the tithe goes to a local organization that spiritually inspires us with the work they do. Some of the groups that have inspired us have included: the Oklahoma Regional Food Bank’s Backpacks for Kids Program; CARE, an organization that works with Children found in abusive home environments; Other Options, an organization that works with children who have AIDS; and the YWCA Battered Women's program. Usually, this portion of our tithe is decided as the last order of business of our meetings.

In an effort to become more visible and productive in the larger community, the Board of Trustees has created an initiative to "cast the net wider" in what author Stephen Covey calls our "circle of influence." Each month this portion of the tithe is dedicated to one particular non-profit that aligns with Unity principles in its mission to serve others and spiritually inspires us in the work they do.  This portion of the tithe, and the work this non-profit does which inspires us, will be shared with membership through the newsletter. A note in the weekly order of service will be a reminder of the month's chosen organization.

With this approach USLC Trustees hopes those who are a part of community are better informed to what we do as a community. It might even inspire those in the community to share suggestions that have personal importance. An individual may be led to earmark of part of their tithe for a deserving organization. There are many possibilities to broaden the scope and awareness of Unity outreach.

This month's donation is directed to the local chapter of the Nature Conservancy.  Being more expansive in our world view resonates with the text of Matt 25:40, "...just as you did to the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me."

Sincerely Regina Birchall