Some One You Might Like to Know


In Matthew 5:14-16, we read “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your father which is in heaven.”  Every day many of us ask how people connect to each other - is it their physical appearance, their laugh, their intellect; however, for many it is the light of their spirit - the work that they are doing to send God’s message to the world.     

As children we observe others and many times make judgments about their  character and their actions.  Over time, hopefully, we make good choices and are drawn to those who add value to our lives and to the planet.  This is the case for Jessica Marquez and Roger Webb.   

Roger came to Oklahoma from Texas to enhance his career with the FAA.  Jessica was raised here in Oklahoma and has a home daycare business, which helps develop the minds and spirits of children.  They both came from a Baptist background and embraced several different religious philosophies along their spiritual journey.

One may ask, what guided them to UNITY?

As Roger and Jessica’s lives progressed individually there were opportunities for spiritual growth.  Jessica became a student of the Course of Miracles and was on a journey of working on self, being present and wanting the best for herself. UNITY offered that message and support.  Roger attended a meeting on forgiveness.  He was impressed by the UNITY concept of being open minded and teaching the concept of letting things flow. They both realized that UNITY provided a different way of thinking.   

Sunday after Sunday, Jessica would attend service alone or some times with a friend. Roger would from time to time attend the 11:00 Service as well, but over time he was drawn to using his talent and skill to help nurture the bodies of the congregation by preparing the food for dinner after service.  He felt the strong energy of not only the Unity message, but the warmth of the congregation.  Rev. Patrick would say “Welcome Home” and one day Roger knew that UNITY was where he needed to be.  

God will send the right person to us, if only we are still and hear his message.

Roger and Jessica were always cordial to each other at church and over time found out that they had common interests – both were raised on a farm and loved being on the ranch.  They both loved airplanes and had an interest in health eating.  

The light started to shine and there was a connection. They clicked!  They both love GOD and he is guiding their path.  They each recognized each other’s commitment to doing God’s work.

They realized the key to a great relationship was trust, respecting the relationship, as well as giving each other the necessary space to individually grow.They also work daily to communicate and be open with each other even if it is uncomfortable.  Finally, there is an understanding of interdependence.  They believe one should “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

What a blessings!  Many times we are looking for that special person and there they are if we look for the light that is shining.

By Ayanna Najuma