Sacred Service in Unity

Sacred Service in Unity
By Barbara Duffy


In Unity we believe being involved in Sacred Service is a pathway to experiencing Spirit’s Presence. We believe being of Sacred Service is essential to one’s spiritual growth.  Getting involved creates an opening for us to realize our Oneness with others in our community.  

In Sacred Service, Regina Birchall

Rev. Patrick's message on Divine Ideas moved Regina to design a class for those who have had unsatisfying musical experiences: a harsh judgment about their voice, an embarrassing moment in band, a tyrannical piano teacher. The class has three areas of exploration: rhythm, singing and literature. Learning how to read music and playing various percussion instruments is great fun.

Choral singing creates community and surprises. "I didn't know my voice would do that!" has brought lots of smiles and confidence to our merry choristers. Listening to classical music as active participants has developed our appreciation for a previously bewildering swirl of sounds. Understanding the meaning behind the sounds has been extremely satisfying. This is our Creative Spark as Unity teaches.  

We are learning to express the Light Within Us. Come join us! Regardless of previous skill level or experience. If you've ever said, "I'm sorry I quit piano lessons," or "The choir teacher always made a face when I sang," or "Mom made me go outside to sing." You are the sweet dear voice we are looking for. Creation gave you the instrument. Share it with us. Fun and Fellowship - GUARANTEED!!!
(The students are loving it and have voted to extend the six week class by eight more weeks.)

 In addition to teaching the music class Regina is on the Unity SLC Board of Trustees, she works both inside and out with the Unity plants, and helps weed the labyrinth.  She likes to work outside both at home and at Unity.  Her results are amazing.  She trims trees, plants flowers and keeps them looking good.   When Regina comes to fold newsletters or to participate in the Thursday luncheon she brings her best friend’s husband, a very nice man who is having serious physical challenges.  He is a delightful addition to both groups.  Regina also assists other friends with loved ones who need special care.   Additionally Regina brings yummy foods to the luncheons.  She isn’t afraid to try new things.  On Sundays she helps put the noon meal together in the kitchen for the about 60 people who stay to eat each Sunday. Growing up, Regina had four brothers, and one sister.  She had many interesting experiences growing up in a large family.