Sacred Service in Unity

Sacred Service in Unity
By Barbara Duffy


In Unity we believe being involved in Sacred Service is a pathway to experiencing Spirit’s Presence. We believe being of Sacred Service is essential to one’s spiritual growth.  Getting involved creates an opening for us to realize our Oneness with others in our community.  

Sacred Service is really fulfilling!  There is always something for a volunteer to do.  Within the last two weeks several people have found additional ways to volunteer, and they are really enjoying the service.  For example, Karen has added cleanup to her list, and plans to work in the bookstore soon.  Rick is working on the grounds and kitchen cleanup.

A large crew cooks and sets up for Sunday Buffet service.  Another crew cleans up after the meal.  Here is a list of both as I remember them.  If I have left someone off, let me know and we will publish it next month.
Cooking Hospitality: Rev. Patrick, Roger Webb, Jessica Marquez, Petra Esadas, Doug Abney, Lori Wilkerson, Kathy Frame, Candace Bradway, Regina Birchall , Bryan and Becky Carlisle, Betty Leggiero, Ty Tolbert.


Cleanup Hospitality:  Phil Hyde, Connie Bradley, Rick Wicker, Karen Graves,  Karen West,  Howard Bradway, Brenda Stevens, Betty Leggiero, Earl Henry, Ayanna Najuma,  Rev. Patrick, Barbara Duffy, and LeAnn  .

Wednesday night class:  Cia Campbell brings goodies and Pam Yarbrough helps clean up.  
First Thursday luncheon is also a potluck in which all attendees participate, both in producing food and in cleanup.
In addition, of course, many participants bring pot luck contributions to the meals.  All of this makes for the best Weekly Sunday Buffet in Oklahoma City, which also makes for Good Community.


If you can see yourself helping with the Weekly Sunday Buffet or any of the other events, please check in at the kitchen and ask what needs to be done.  Check in with Barbara Duffy also.

This Ministry and all we do is solely supported by individuals like you, whom it serves, and by other freely given gifts of the Universe.   God Bless you for your Support!  Thank you! You Are Amazing!