Sacred Service in Unity

Sacred Service in Unity
By Barbara Duffy

It has been a delight to watch our new Sacred Service Volunteers enjoy their new duties. They have found a place to serve that makes them happy.  Their faces light up as they move around to greet newcomers or help clear up in the kitchen after our weekly Sunday lunch. They add so much loving energy to the process that people are drawn to them.  
·    Don Riddle is helping with ushering and welcoming newcomers to our services.  
·    Rick Wicker is helping in the kitchen and in other places as needed.  
·    Regina Birchall is teaching a basic music class on Monday evenings.  Nine attendees were singing and enjoying listening to music this week.
·    Brenda Stevens, who had attended the church service the first time on the Sunday before the class, was one of the most enthusiastic participants. Brenda is also in the group of new members who were welcomed into church membership on Sunday.
The kitchen or Hospitality volunteers are divided into two groups.  The first group makes the meal for that day during the church service, which is broadcast into the kitchen and fellowship hall area.  The second group cleans up, does dishes and puts them away after lunch.  Both groups ebb and flow, being as flexible as possible.  This is always a good place to begin to experience being of Sacred Service.  Many members begin there and move on to other areas eventually.  

The Ushers are the first greeters as people enter the church.  They enjoy meeting new people and helping get them situated.  They also take up the offering.  

The Bookstore is a popular area on Sundays, with new attendees searching for books to help them learn and understand the Unity principles.   A Unity Sacred Service Volunteer is almost always available.

Prayer Chaplains are available to hold the sacred space during prayer time in the service.  They also are available to pray with those in need of prayer after the service.  Each prayer chaplain has a list of members they spend time with each month in prayer.  

More areas of Sacred Service will be covered in next month’s newsletter.  Look for an area you would be interested in serving, giving of your time and talents.