Sacred Service is Sacred!

Being of Sacred Service

By Barbara Duffy


Sacred Service is Sacred!


February was the month of Love and Sacred Service is an offshoot of Love.  As we serve others, we demonstrate our love for those around us.  We can do this in so many different ways, including the usual tasks that make others happier, more comfortable, more productive.  This service also helps people be more in alignment with spirit.  To me this is the ultimate goal: being in alignment with spirit.  Life becomes more peaceful and even helps us help others more easily. 


An example of this was the Volunteer Dinner.  Volunteers and their guests entered a room lit by candles and decorated with love.  The food was prepared with love by Rev. Dr. Patrick and after eating the volunteers hopped up and cleared the tables, washed and dried the dishes and put them away.  Life is good at Unity SLC. 


Our Chapel is in the process of being renovated and updated.  Volunteers have helped with this from the beginning.  Helping determine the design, getting info on new chairs and carpets, getting bids and ordering the products.  Also included was the process of selling most of the pews and many of the blue chairs.  Volunteers carried out the sold pews and loaded them on their transport to their new home.  They even followed the pews to their new home and helped unload them.  Volunteering covers a long list of usual and unusual activities and adventures.  Other volunteers helped unload the new chairs as they were delivered, and dispose of the packing. 


Next was arranging the seating temporarily until new carpet is ordered and laid.  It is a creative process and many people have chosen to be involved in it. 


Candace and Howard developed a Meditation Room in the former nursery at the back of the main building.  It is a peaceful, calm place and quite lovely.  It will serve as an additional place to meditate. 


If you are not already involved and want to become involved in a fulfilling venture, contact Barbara and find out just how to get started.