The Q Effect

The Q – Effect

Saturday Mornings 9:30 to noon,
beginning January 20th

What would your life be like if you really believed deep down within you that nothing and
no one was against you?

Can you imagine it? If you lived every minute of every day with the deep peace, knowing that everything flowed in a perfect harmony and was guiding you to things and people that were for your highest good?   How would it be to live with this type of awareness?  

A foundational belief of Unity is that there is only One Presence and One Power in the universe, and in each of our lives.  Yet, while many of us accept this principle intellectually, most of us have a very difficult time living it. All too often, we believe outer circumstances: people and things are holding us back; that they are plotting against us and out to do us harm; that the conditions of life are either innately good or bad. But if there is only One Power and One Presence, there cannot be two opposites at work struggling against one another. When we find our self in situations where people, things, and circumstances feel as though they are against us, life can become very uncomfortable. But there is another way; you can chose to step up into an awareness of the Q Effect and transform your reality. Join us for a fun enlightening series that can take you to the next level.’

This Workshop will be facilitated by Ruth Gnagi
a licensed Practitioner of the Q Effect.

What a way to start a new Day and
a New Way of Being
Learning to Extend the light into the shadows of our life.