Prosperity Prescriptions: A Design for Living in Abundance

Prosperity Prescriptions:
 A Design for Living in Abundance

With the Amazing Sharon Conner

Sunday April 15th at 1 pm

 “The c
onsciousness of God as the abundant, everywhere present resource, unfailing, ready for all who open themselves to it through faith.  It is based on the conscious possession of the idea of God’s abundance back of all things.”  The Revealing Word

And, there is more to living an abundant, prospering life than knowing the Truth.  Join us for this dynamic, fruitful experience of an RX for living full out into & from all that gives meaning and joy to your life.

If you want to:

•    Discover your deepest, core Life Intentions
•    Experience a way to override internal, self-limiting  thoughts
•    Begin to activate 7 essentials for prosperous living beyond where you are now


then this class is for you!
Open to all & presented on a Love Offering basis.