The Power of Understanding

Understanding – The Realization of Right Relationships In All of Life
Disciple Thomas/ Color is Gold/ Location is the Souls of the Feet

“If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself.”
 ― Albert Einstein     

Listening to the silence between thoughts brings a unique kind of understanding. It is said that God occupies such places. There is a sacred stillness that comes with this practice. Intuitive knowing and divine understanding go hand in hand, it empowers us to see the mystical relationship of all things. For understanding is a silent realization of how all things fit together within our life and in the world around us that goes beyond the mortal mind’s comprehension. Spiritual Understanding explores the subtle, silent places of the mind, that helps us to see the inter-connectedness of all life.

Recently I moved my family from the noise of Oklahoma City to the quiet of Guthrie. One cannot understand the gentle nature of such a town unless one spends time there. We have been here for two weeks and aside from someone sending off fireworks, it has been peaceful and calm. Having lived for so long in the city, I couldn't have comprehended such virtues as a smaller town has to offer. Even the people at Walmart are nicer.

Spiritual understanding allows us to see beyond mortal mind’s comprehension to unlock the mysteries of the spiritual dimension, which plays a very silent yet mysterious role in our life. Yes, it is about the realization of right relationships, between matter and energy and the Living Substance of all life. It is an intuitive knowing that flows deeper than the mortal mind. We are encouraged not to lean unto our own understanding, but to rely upon Spiritual Inspiration, which will open portals into Heaven’s Presence that we could never have conceived.

Should you get discouraged or even downtrodden know there is a source higher than anything the mortal mind of you can grasp by itself. It needs to connect with the Divine, as we reach into the invisible ethers to shape and form our reality. By leaning unto Spiritual understanding we realize the Truth and the inter connectedness with all of life that simply moves the soul into a new awareness.

By Bryan Carlile
Affirm these statements every morning!!!
I Am the Way of Understanding.
I am aware of the movements of the universe and
I see clearly to the Heart of every matter!
I am the Way, The Truth and the Light!