The Power of Transformative Prayer!

The Power of Transformative Prayer!

Sunday April 7th 1:15 to 2:15 & Sunday April 14th 1:15  to 2:15

Taking the next step into the beyond to Sip the Living Waters

Can you image a world where you experience the wonder of life that is present in each moment?  I can and I believe its time to sip the Living Water, so that we might be able to turn to the Kingdom of Infinite Possibilities and believe in the good news (Mark 1:15).  Yes, I Am, we are, powerful creative spiritual beings and it’s time we recall our creative power, by focusing our Thoughts and Words. 


Unity has a very powerful transformative style of prayer, but to utilize it you have to embrace some underlying spiritual truths, which are not so apparent. Since many of the ideas shared in our Transformative Prayer Method seem to be theoretical and perhaps even magical and impossible, you need to find ways to integrate these far-out crazy ideas into your life, which will empower you to dance at the center of the Swirling Winds of Chaos and Creativity.


These two classes are introduction to the Power of Transformative Prayer and a deeper calling of the soul, to connect the Divine and field of Living Energy. Rev. Doc. Patrick is an adjunct Professor for Unity Worldwide Institute and has been teaching an online class titled the Foundation of Unity Prayer for a little over two years. This class has had far reaching effects on people around the world. He has seen how certain pieces of the prayer process have been left out, even to Ministers and Licensed Teachers and he would like to share those pieces with you. Important pieces, they are talked about, but not often integrated into our soul.  This course will continue, beyond the first two Sundays, but only if you choose to do so.


Consider taking this step by expanding your awareness into the Power Transformative Prayer which can connect you with the Creative Power of the Universe. Wow! What will be next, only you can decide, perhaps you might consider being becoming a Prayer Chaplain, a way to deepen the awareness of the way prayer works within you and the world around


The first two hours of this series, The Power of Transformative Prayer will cover these topics: What Prayer Is; What You Have to Let Go Of To Embrace These New Ideas; Who and What God Is; and The Basics to Get You Started. During these two hours you will be given the opportunity to express your ideas and share them with others; in other words, it will be a very interactive process.