The Power of Relase

The Faculty of Elimination, Renunciation and Renewal

Disciple: Thaddaeus; Color: Russet

Location: Small of the Back


We all have the extraordinary coded within us, waiting to be released.

             Jean Houston


We must release the old so that the new has a chance to take hold. This is why the principles of elimination, renunciation and release are so important. Affirmations and denials take a special place in our lives. We must deny the power of the negative and affirm the positive. Through denials and affirmations we grow.


We are born to be extraordinary. We are created in the image and likeness of God. We are greater than we give ourselves credit for. Through daily affirmations we build ourselves up and set ourselves up to succeed. By denying the power of negative thoughts or feelings, we empower ourselves.


During my stay in the hospital, I had to search daily for something to guide me. As I’ve mentioned, I enjoyed healing touch sessions twice a week. They were the highlights of my week. I was able to align myself with the Divine and affirm that I would get home. That was my goal, getting home. I could look forward to every Monday and Thursday when the Healing Touch nurses would come by my room. They would play soothing music and talk with me about my goals. Their presence was a constant affirmation.


It is important to release the old and invite the new. Old thoughts will drag you down. It’s been likened to a pond. If you close off the inlet then the water is not renewed. If you close off the outlet it stagnates. There must be a flow. Connect with the flow and enable the new to take hold. If you’ve ever doubted yourself, remember you are greater than the circumstance. The Spirit of the Divine indwells you. Shake off those thoughts that limit you and embrace the infinitesimal. You are mighty. You are great. Live it!

                                            By Bryan Carlile



Denials and Affirmations that will empower U,

when confronted by an obstacle.


I release that…. I let it go, and allow God’s prefect love to flow!

Cancel, Cancel, Cancel Be gone. I am standing in the Presence of the Divine!

GET Beyond me Satan (or what ever negative it might be) –

I Am Allowing My Light and wonder to Shine.