The Power of Imagination

The Power of Imagination
The Scissors of the Mind
Disciple – Bartholomew (Nathaniel)
Color – Light Blue
Location – Between the eyes in front of the Pituitary gland

Imagination is the beginning of creation.
George Bernard Shaw

The power of imagination is a powerful gift. It drives our heart's desires. You use imagination to take hold of the invisible ethers and mold them. Nothing that is ever created was done so in a vacuum. It came into being first as a thought watered by the imagination.

I've just returned home from a two week stay in the hospital. I had a hematoma, a collection of blood, in my leg. It still hurts a little, but most of the swelling has subsided. I never saw the ultrasound image of what it looked like. I could only imagine what it was based on how I felt. Every day I imagined myself getting better. Every day I held onto the fact that it was merely a symptom of all the blood thinners I'm on.

Now that I'm home I can look back on that time as one of cleansing. I had little to do but write. I delved deep into my imagination and created volumes for my latest novel. The nurses mostly left me alone, except waking me in the middle of the night to take more blood and get my weight. I had a good stay. Now I am walking much better and helping out around the house. It took imagination to see beyond the physical into the invisible. That is the essence of faith.

We spark our imaginations with a myriad of images. Some of them are good, some of them are bad. All are created within our mind. It is when we direct these images in a positive way that we get positive results. Just like envisioning getting a place to live, now we are embarking on the journey of moving. It took imagination to see beyond the obvious and allow Spirit to move in our lives.

The next time you wander down the streets of your mind, take care. Know that it is only as real as you make it. You are the creator of your own imagination. You decide where to go and what to do. Allow Spirit to have the lead and together you can use your imagination to create something lasting and great.

                                                                                                                                                                                                 By Bryan Carlile
Affirmations for directing the power of your Imagination

The Power of Imagination is active in me in this moment now!

I Am connected with the Creative Source and I am empowered to direct that creative potential to experience wondrous things.
You are Amazing – Go Ahead and say
I am amazing – I am a powerful Creative spiritual being, and I direct my imagination only on the goodness my heart desires.