PK -- A Soul Moving Movie

A Soul Moving Movie
August 18th at 1:15 pm

PK is an alien from a planet in a galaxy far away. PK has a mission to research the planet’s inhabitants and report back on what he finds.  However, things don’t go quite as planned, he loses the gadget to report home and which deciphers the planet’s language. The Inhabitants tell him that the only one who can help is God. So, the space alien’s pursuit of this person called God, leads him in a mind bending and heart opening exploration of a variety types of rituals and places of worship, all of which have very different beliefs and prejudices.  Set in India, the movie is a satirical comedy about the sharply differing religious points of view of our world’s population as seen through the eyes of guest from a galaxy away.  The movie will make you laugh and make you cry and will open the heart to a whole new way of being.  Through comedy it helps the viewer to see many of the very divisive elements of our culture and it provides insights in how we might overcome them.  The movie is amazing. The movie is 3 hours long and the best part is in the last 30 minutes, be prepared to have your heart moved.