Minister's Letter - A Year Ago

A year ago I set off on an adventure of a lifetime, living by myself! Do you know that in all my years, this is the first time I have ever lived by myself? Can you imagine that? I was raised in house with eight brothers and sisters; went to college and lived on a dorm wing with 15 other “young men;” when I moved out of there I lived with anywhere from 2 to 5 other “young men;” and then I got married. Marriage as most of you know provides a completely different set of circumstances, living in a house with someone who has a completely different energy matrix. If your soul has it’s way, that other energy matrix will have all the lessons you have to learn! It’s really too bad that most premarital counseling services don’t share this as a component of what you should be prepared. Your new spouse will have all the hidden traits of what you unknowingly disliked in your parents. But, then that’s why we are here on planet Earth to learn and grow into a deeper understanding of spiritual law and how to be an expression of God’s love. Living by yourself doesn’t have any of those dynamics, but then, you don’t have anybody else to blame, when your keys are lost, or the kitchen isn’t clean or something isn’t …

A year ago I started off on my new adventure in the midst of Chaos.  I was teaching my first on line class, working “my normal job,” and I was faced by my obsession of getting my house in order! I mean that quite literally, I love order and having a minimal amount of things in the right and perfect place.  I am not quite as bad as that guy in the movie, “Living With The Enemy,” but I do have those tendencies.  I also was having new counter tops and a back splash in my kitchen installed.  I must say it was kind of like living with my five younger brothers and sisters, when parents weren’t home. Yikes! Fortunately I remembered to breathe. I released most of that chaos in a yard sale, as I emptied out the clutter in my dining room, family room and garage. Yeah!  It was the first time in years there was some sense of peace and order in my home!

A year ago when I set off on the new adventure, I had a vision for what my house would look and be like! So, I set off in my slightly obsessive compulsive nature to make that dream a reality. You can say I noticed that tendency, as I completed most of the redecoration of the kitchen (I love it), re-arranged the laundry room, and then completed the work I dreamed of doing in the dining and living rooms. After switching my bedroom and office, I can say my house is amazing. Then I had another yard sale to empty out most of the contents of the attic and so I could begin to prepare for Shavonne’s Wedding by redoing the gardens and the gazebo.  Wow, Amazing! I love sitting in my back yard now!

A year ago, I had a vision for my home and most of it (not all of it) has come into manifestation.  After Shavonne’s wedding and all the work on the gazebo, I committed myself to taking some time a part, as I described in a previous newsletter.  One of the things that occurred, as I laid on my leather couch (something I could never do before), I realized a complete sense of peace! I wasn’t trying to meditate! But I felt this overwhelming sense of peace, I realized for the first time in my life, I was living by myself and I was completely comfortable with that idea and completely comfortable with who I am.  Amazingly that is when Angel, my other inside cat, began jumping up onto the couch to lay down next to me and purr! It is also when dreams in the back of my mind came forth and began to manifest.  One was a way to get my book, The Miracle Before Your Eyes, out to a large audience!  Another was to have all the work and all the training I have done over the past 30 years to be recognized. In July, the Online Dean of Emerson Theology Institute called me, and asked if I would like to join their program and work towards earning a Doctorate. I said, yes!  I put together a personal profile book with my degrees and various training programs and mailed it to Emerson! They replied that I had already done more than enough work to earn a doctorate, and they would be honored to award me a Doctorate in Religious Studies. Look for your special invitation to attend the Awards Ceremony, on the flyer of this Newsletter –
Expressing in Love and Light, Rev. Patrick