Minister's Letter Unity Spiritual Life Center’s 76th Birthday!!!

Unity Spiritual Life Center’s 76th Birthday!!!

Different names, different places, a variety of people moving through the doors, it has been amazing, through all the changes USLC will be celebrating its 76th birthday on Sunday June 9th.  When I take a few moments to short through the items and pictures of the people and the places USLC has known, I am a little overwhelmed. I know the Treasure’s Room, a tiny little room on the edge of the Myrtle Fillmore Room is a little clutter, but it holds so many treasures. We have Unity Magazines and Unity books dating back to 1893! We have the Unity Black Series, the Red Series, and the Green Series. We have copies of books signed by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, we have original manuscripts of Charles Roth and Joel Goldsmith. We have 33 lps from the 1930’s and 40’s Gospel music, (Would you like to listen to it, then you will need to bring your turn table!) We have lots of hidden treasures in our treasure’s room. We now even have an audio CD of Charles Fillmore’s Talk at OKC’s Hall of Mirrors in 1946.  Our spiritual community was given birth on June 7th 1943! Wow, I hope you take a few moments to join the celebration. 

Over the years our spiritual life center has gone through many changes, beginning on the third floor of the YMCA on Broadway, moving to 13th and Broadway at the curve, then coming to this location in 1994.  During these times we have had many up’s and down’s; but, always being a home for those wishing to explore their soul’s journey! Which can be very renewing and enlightening and at other times just maddening. I mean isn’t the spiritual journey supposed to be exciting and uplifting making you laugh and smile?  I wish that was always true, but sometimes to move forward on our spiritual path, we have to look at our past and release what needs to be released so that we can heal the wounds that lie in the shadows of our subconscious.  This is the only way we can see through the single “I”, that Jesus invited us all to embrace.  Or we shall see the world very darkly, and “if then the light in you is darkness, how great is the darkness (Matthew 6)!” So, we need to take every opportunity to look in the mirror, to see if we are seeing clearly, or if we are projecting things we need to heal out onto others.  This is one reason a heart center spiritual community is so important; to remind us lovingly to look again, when we are in judgment of the world and those around us.

Since moving to 41st street, in 1994 there have been many changes to building and those who attend and consider it their spiritual home.  Such changes are always soul moving, as that book, Who Moved My Cheese, sights.  When we become used to things being a certain way and something is moved it scatters the mind. That’s why all the dramatic changes made to the building over the years have always created an internal stress, a silent tugging back and forth. Those who made changes in their own homes, can probably testify to that; changes were all for good, but part of us liked it the way it was. This occurred when we renovated the house from being the office, into our children’s learning center. It occurred when we replaced our very old but loved window, with new beautiful windows. It occurred when we removed the walls in various places, like in the kitchen and foyer to expand the space and make it much more workable. It has also occurred when we completed the first step in renovating the sanctuary into the Living Room for the Soul.  The energy in the room is unbelievably different.  A newcomer came to the building the other day and sat in the Living Room for the Soul for 2 hours, moving and praying and mediating. When she left she had the biggest smile on her face.  The suggestions by several millennials, to make changes in the sanctuary that would actually reflect our very powerful and freeing beliefs, will go along way to ensuring that USLC will be here for another 75 years.

Namaste, I see that Light in You Rev. Doc. Patrick