Minister's Letter -The Swirling Winds of Chaos and Creativity are upon us.

The Swirling Winds of Chaos and Creativity are upon us. So much so, I hardly know where to start! I am holding the vision that the next time you walk into our Living Room for the Soul, that you might see transformation taking place. I am thinking of some really big changes that might occur this week, as I am stand at the center of the Swirling Winds of Chaos and Creativity with my faculty of spiritual strength engaged, waiting for the winds to sweep through. Perhaps it will occur tomorrow and perhaps later in the week, or maybe next week. But I can’t tell you more until it’s a done deal!

The bigger vision is that we will be replacing most of the pews in the sanctuary with very comfortable meeting room chairs.  The chairs that have arrived most everyone loves, but we are just waiting for a space to put them.  The tan meeting room chairs are the first step. The next step will be redesigning our Living Room for the Soul, moving the lectern and all the musical instruments, from the north side to the west side creating a huge shift in energy. We will replace the mauve carpet with an off-white carpet to brighten the space, then add colors to the walls with an array of art pieces, following the Tree of Life theme we’ve been speaking of. Then the final step will be the arrival of bluish green chairs that will be the final touch to our new Tree of Life décor.  

Will you hold the vision with us, that when someone walks into the Living Room for the Soul, they will feel joy and wonder bubbling up within their soul. An inviting feeling to help them move into an awareness of the transformation that is about to take place, a new synergy arising at Unity Spiritual Life Center, and on Mother Earth.  (There is a little more on The Living Room for the Soul on page 2 ... The Magical, Wizardcal Kind of Things)

Another thought on the Swirling Winds of Chaos and Creativity is the upcoming series I have decided to teach with our Prayer Chaplains on The Power of Transformative Prayer. Yes, The Power of Transformative Prayer, Unity has a very powerful, yet very different type style of prayer. But due to humankind’s training in begging, supplication, and invocatory prayer, many people who find their way into Unity shy away from prayer activities, thinking I’ve been there, done that and don’t want to that any more or be around anybody who does! They have realized that praying in that old format doesn’t really work, at least not on a consistent basis, and when they try it and failed to get what they need or want, they believe they are somehow not good enough. The truth is prayer in that old format, simple doesn’t work.

Yes, Unity has a very powerful transformative style of prayer, but to utilize it you have to embrace some underlying spiritual truths, which are not so apparent; especially if you have been taught concepts that are in contradiction to these spiritual truths. Then since many of the ideas shared in our Transformative Prayer Method seem to be theoretical and perhaps even magical and impossible, you will need to find ways to integrate these far-out crazy ideas into your everyday life. Yeah, find ways to integrate these far-out crazy ideas into your life; and we will provide these ways to you.  If you can get these ideas into your life you will be empowered to dance at the center of the Swirling Winds of Chaos and Creativity and see a whole new reality manifesting before your eyes. Just like the title of my first book implies!

The first two hours of this class series will take place on the first two Sundays of April (The 7th and 14th). At the end of the first class you will be given a homework assignment.  At the end of the class on the second Sunday, you will be given the opportunity to continue the process or not, while keeping the goal of dancing at the center of the Swirling winds of Chaos and Creativity. For more on this class series go to page three, the Power of Transformative Prayer!
Namaste, I see that Light in You Rev. Doc. Patrick