Minister's Letter - A Sacred Relationship

A Sacred Relationship – I want to begin by saying Merry Christmas! I am seeing you blessed with goodness upon goodness throughout this Holiday season. I visualize all your relationships are like Mary and Joseph’s, as they made their journey from Nazareth, a place of the ordinary, up the narrow trails through rocky hills to the heights of Bethlehem, where they experienced the Rising Energy of Spirit! Mary and Joseph’s sacred relationship represents what it takes to open our heart and our mind to the Christ Child and give birth to It’s awareness. Mary represents the development of the fullness of Love, and the inner awareness of our Oneness with all of Life, while Joseph represents spiritual discernment.  Together, love and spiritual discernment set the intention to travel their path of common interest to reach a place of higher awareness called spiritual awakening.

As I finish typing this, I must say, I am deeply troubled by the events in our political, religious, and media sectors of our culture. At the same time I say it is about time it has occurred! Women speaking out about how they have been abused, and the exposure of men in positions of power and influence who are really no better than cave men!  But as opposed to pointing figures, blaming people for their bad behavior and setting new tougher laws and trying to enforce them in a system of beliefs that actually supports and encourages all the dysfunctional behavior we are hearing about, it’s time to change the conversation!   Yes, it’s time to change to the conversation and stop trying to fix a system that is designed to fail, because of the many conflicting beliefs and teachings about what love is, gender differences, what it means to be successful, the effects of violence, perceived power, sin and darkness and what we are exposed to on TV and in movies actually encourages us to believe how good all that drama is. Our culture and the many different confusing conflicting beliefs we are taught set the stage for the darkness that is being exposed to take place.
I am not talking about conflicting belief systems between opposing groups, or different religions, but the conflicting confusing beliefs within each system.  

What I really would like to see as a result of the unfolding events mentioned before is to change the conversation to focus on what it might be like to have and create a sacred relationship, perhaps one like Mary and Joseph demonstrated in giving birth to Jesus.  A Sacred Relationships would begin around things individuals have in common, like: gardening, hiking, riding bikes, dancing, watching sports, listening to music, and the list goes on.  If a couple does not share the same interests, there is little hope of the relationship surviving and they will find themselves in constant combat.  Part of a sacred relationship is found in having good communication skills so that we might understand and express our true feelings providing a way to connect with the other on a deeper level.  Great texts on developing these interpersonal communication skills are Be Peace, Non-Violent Communication, and Loving What Is! We should also understand we are drawn into a sacred relationship to heal what needs to be healed within us. Since 90 percent of our relationship skills are developed before we are 5 years old, and are based on our parent’s relationship and the relationship we had with our siblings, we should be aware of this dynamics and plan on doing some healing and forgiveness work.

There is so much more to discuss around this idea of having and creating a sacred relationship! All sacred relationships are 50-50, and are not as presented in the Bible, which took place in a male dominated society where woman were slaves. We all know this is a system that failed over and over again. Another important topic to discuss would be all the modern research done on the chemicals created within the body as a result of a “love” relationship.  If we are not taught about these effects and how to control them, how do we adjust our behavior? This is one reason we are hearing about all these heart breaking, scandalous activities by our supposed leaders!
 Please hold the vision with me!
Namaste, Awesome One, Rev. Doc. Patrick