Minister's Letter - Moving On

Moving On – Well, Shavonne got up this morning and headed back to Tallahassee.  We got to spend a lot of time together while she was here on her short visit and had Christmas Dinner at her husband’s family’s house.  It was a wonderful time and with all my other holiday activities (like; Christmas Eve Candle Lighting Service, Sunday Services, classes, decorating the Fellowship Hall and installing new lights in the Fellowship Hall) it has been a delightful, but busy time.  

After Shavonne left, I laid down on my couch thinking about putting this newsletter together and thought “What’s next.” Isn’t that a general thought that jumps into your head, after the Christmas Celebration and Activities are all complete? What’s the next thing I’m supposed to do! As I held that thought in mind, I fell back to sleep and woke about an hour later! It’s a good thing I had already fed all the cats, or they would have been a little cranky!

After my short morning nap, I once again picked up the thought “moving on,” but I hit a snag, nothing arose in my mind.  We just completed a major project that has been in the back of many people’s mind for quite a long time.  We installed lights and ceiling fans in the Fellowship Hall; replacing the very modern 1970 florescent tube lights, and their very nice hum.  The common reflection on the new lights is that they look so nice and fit so nicely into the room you barely notice they are there; especially when you were so used to walking in the room and having the very ugly worn lights tugging on your attention.  Thank you Will Jeffrey for the fantastic job you did! Look at our facebook page to see the pictures of what the new lights look like, amazing!

 I also have completed some major projects over the last few months, ones a few years ago I never would have thought possible. My book, The Miracles Before Your Eyes, went to the Frankfort World Book Fair and was viewed by 100’s of thousands of people (now if they just buy a few thousand copies of the book), I have my own web page (, and my second book Being The Way is approaching completion. Wow, that’s what I am thinking. I completed my fifth series of classes as a professor for Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute, and we completed the second series of Being the Way. What I believe to be a cornerstone for taking our spiritual discipline into a deeper level of understanding. I also received a Doctorate in Religious Studies from Emerson Theological Institute; but you already knew that.  Earlier this year Shavonne and Travis got married in my refinished gazebo and I got my house all cleaned up for the wedding.

Yes together we have completed many visions I have been holding in the shadows of my mind.  Visions I learned to bring to the surface through a little bit different visioning process. A process I like to share with you, if you have the time and like to bring those visions hiding in the shadows of your mind to the surface. I call the process, Fishing On the Sea of Infinite Possibilities.

As I thought about what’s next this workshop is one of the things that came to mind.  Faith was knocking at the door of my consciousness, asking me to give it shape and form. Faith looked beyond the appearance of what is often created by the void left after busy holidays and schedules, causing a divine idea to swim in the Sea of Infinite Possibilities. Do you want to go fishing with me?

Another idea swimming in the sea of infinite possibilities is a program called the Q Effect that will be facilitated by Ruth Gnagi.  If we would like to put all the amazing things we teach and share to work in our life, this series is essential.  It will help you to look at what resides in the shadows of your mind and might be holding you back, so you can release and let them go, and boldly make that next step on your spiritual journey, moving on to a goodness you might not be able to believe.  

Namaste, Awesome One, Rev. Doc. Patrick