Minister's Letter -- Fishing IN the Sea of Infinite Possibilities

Fishing IN the Sea of Infinite Possibilities

My mind has been fishing in the Sea of Infinite Possibilities. I watch events happening around our country and the world, and I ask myself what is mine to do? How can I as an individual, how can we as a spiritual community, reach beyond our perceived limitations and make a difference? How can we be a conduit of Spirit’s transformative message about the reality of Heaven’s Presence, right here, right now.  How can I, how can we, help other’s lay aside the divisive language that seeks to control and dominate others, making others do what we want, and learn how to build consensus. Our world has operated from this paradigm for so long, call it what you will --slavery, serfdom, mind control, obedience -- it is so engrained into our being we don’t recognize the dynamics; although those dynamics are what are causing the upheaval. As the spiritual beings we were created to be, I get a tugging at my heart that it’s time I, that we, wake up and evolve into our next level of awareness.  

My mind has been fishing in the Sea of Infinite Possibilities and I ask myself what is mine to do? I think of that Blue Morpheus Butterfly I saw in my driveway and the little golden butterfly I saw in my bathroom this week, which I walked outside on my finger, then watched it fly away, dancing on the light breeze.  I think of butterflies and dragonflies sipping the nectar of flowers, and I wonder what is my next step.  I have done so many things over the last year it is so amazing: finished my second book, Being the Way; went on a book tour; started training to be a certified Healing Touch Instructor; finished teaching my 12th online class series; finished the renovation of my master bedroom; and took down six huge limbs from the trees in my yard. We also have done amazing things as a spiritual community! The biggest project was in the renovation of our sanctuary into the Living Room for the Soul.  

As I catch my breath, I have been thinking of those butterflies and I have been fishing in the Sea of Infinite Possibilities. What else is Spirit prompting me to do? I have a longing to share Unity’s life transforming message anyway I can, it can provide answers to many of the problems facing the world; how do we get that message out there.  This is one reason I have decided to show several movies over the next couple of months, about how our message can provide solutions to many challenges. I have also had a tugging at my heart to video record classes and services to share online.  Over the past few years I have had many requests to do so, but it’s just beyond my technical skills, perhaps someone out there might know how to do it.  I think of the outreach it could provide and I think of those butterflies! We are the only Unity Church for a 100-miles in any direction. Going west the next Unity church is in Amarillo, 250 miles away; northwest it’s in Colorado Springs. Hum!

I have been fishing in the Sea of Infinite Possibilities and the Creative Vortex has been bringing in many fish. Divine Ideas have been popping into my head, one by one: we need to do this, we need to do that, we need to… As I said, it is one reason we will be showing certain spiritually based movies over the next couple of months, which share ideas and insights into the challenges that lie on the path of transformation, moving into a new way of being.  Ruth Gnagi has agreed to share her training with the Q-Effect, which focuses on ways of dealing with what lay in the shadows.  I have been prompted to do a Healing Service in September, to help let go of what needs to be released and so we can take that next step. We will be doing a combo, visioning workshop at the end of August blending the church envisioning workshop with a personal Treasure Mapping exercise. So, I invite you to look at the invitation and see how Spirit is moving in you to get involved, I have been fishing in the Sea of Infinite Possibilities. Do you dare look beyond that curtain of the mortal mind and see what lies beyond? Then join me out there on the Sea of Infinite Possibilities.  

Namaste, I see that Light in You Rev. Doc. Patrick