Minister's Letter --Experience awakening to the Presence

Iexperience awakening to the Presence

Would you like to experience awakening to the Presence of the Christ Child, within yourself and in others? That’s what the Christmas Season is really all about! Advent is set up with this goal in mind, especially in Unity, taking the step of Faith, Peace, Love and Joy. Unity has an Advent booklet that describes these steps very powerfully.  So, why do I keep focusing on that story about Lazarus?

I thought it was ironic that a month ago, I picked the topic of I Am Thankful, with the story of Lazarus as the Bible story for this past Sunday. Then somehow, magically, the story of Lazarus in John 11 was the topic for in Sunday School.  Did I plan it, NO! It was just synchronicity. Whenever that happens, it causes me to contemplate “the why!”

Lazarus, Jesus best friend had died and Jesus was off in Judea teaching! So, Martha and Mary, who were at home in Bethany sent Jesus a Message. However, Jesus remained four days in Judea teaching saying, “Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep, but I am going to go to awaken him.”  When he completed his series, Jesus went to the tomb, the cave, where Lazarus was buried. He was only 4 days late! So, he stood outside with Martha and Mary and others who were mourning the loss of their dear friend and wept with them. Then Jesus looked up to the heaven’s raised his hands and said. “Father, I thank you for having heard me. I know that you always hear me!” Can you image the emotional shock in hearing his words and then in utter dismay, and awe seeing Lazarus walk out of the tomb! He was dead and was now awake and alive!

Is this a true story? In this day and age, it doesn’t really matter, but what does is what it might mean to you and I. Metaphysically, every person, place or thing in a story is taken place within us; the characters represent different awareness and components of our soul. Lazarus means “whom God helps, and represents our spiritual strength which has become weak and has lost itself in materiality. Our challenges, hurts, pains and unforgiveness cause us to die and bury “ourselves” in the darkest place we can find. Jesus, the Christ awareness in us, is in Judea, a point in consciousness where the spiritual energy of life is strong enough to vitalize our body substance (Bethany, "house of figs").  

Our outer senses say this strength and this life awareness has been dead for so long that it is dissolving and in decay. The Christ of us says, No "Our friend has fallen asleep; but the I Am of us will wake him out of sleep."   This is no easy task bringing that which we have buried in the caves, the shadows, of the mortal mind, back out into awareness of our true life.  "Jesus wept."  Meaning He, and we, must allow the healing power of our tears to wash over us, releasing our hurts and pains, like living water as it washes over us, dissolving the appearances of darkness and pain so we might walk in the Light of the Divine.
The mortal mind of us, of humankind, might not have any knowledge of why we put Thanksgiving right before the Christmas Season, but the Divine does. For if we are going to fully awaken to the presence of the Christ Child, within us and others, we must take this first step on the journey: forgiving and releasing the hurt and pain, that lies in the shadows of our mind! Then next which might even be more challenging, is to just be thankful and joyous that we are able to breathe in that sacred gift of life being fully aware of this moment now. Only, then can we truly learn about and harness the spiritual powers of Faith, Peace, Love and Joy, which are shared in Unity’s Advent Booklet and throughout the Christmas Season.  If you need help with this first step, please let me know. I can be helping hand. My Wish for you is to experience the awakening to the Presence of the Christ Child.  


Namaste, I see It in you! Rev. Doc. Patrick