Minister's Letter - Centered In Peace In the Midst of the Chaos

Centered In Peace In the Midst of the Chaos

As odd as it may seem, sitting centered in peace in the midst of Chaos, can be quite overwhelming as it opens our eyes, or at least I should say, it opens my eyes to the immense Creative Potential. What do I mean? Well, you probably didn’t know it, but Yvonne had come home from Florida for a 12-day stay.  Her original intent was to pack her remaining things stuffed into two rooms of the house and had ordered a moving POD in advance. However, her mother, who lives here in Oklahoma City, had become seriously ill and had been placed in isolation in a rehabilitation center.  When she saw what was happening, Yvonne became the primary care giver and slept on a cot in her mother room for 10 of the 12 days; only coming home to shower and vent.  While I was left to pack her belongings, put them in the moving POD, as I performed my normal workload and supported her in her grief and frustration. Needless to say, it wasn’t what you would call a fun time.

In the distant past, I would have reacted much differently to this opportunity, especially considering the political environment in our state and country and considering that I was still recovering from a mean cut on my hand that restricted the amount of work I could do in any given moment. I probably would have expressed myself quiet loudly!  But, I have learned from past experience that seldom works, and only makes a situation more intense, leading to more conflict and upset. My spiritual practice and Unity teachings have taught me that if I can center myself in peace in the midst of chaos and open my heart through prayer to the immense creative potential that is always available, it will open doorways into the realm of Infinite Possibilities.

When I completed the packing on Monday morning, getting as much possible into the moving POD, and stood in the empty and cleaned rooms, it felt so totally freeing.  Ideas and opportunities about what could be came flooding into my mind. Pure joy was the result! I’ve already begun to move things into the rooms that were empty from the other over crowded rooms, now peace, harmony and balance can be felt.  From the leftovers I made Tessa (one of my cats) a cushy foam bed.  She has not stopped sharing her thunderous purr ever since. The ripple of heartfelt energy can be felt walking into the room.

Centered in peace in the midst of Chaos, I have learned to see the swirling winds of hurt, of pain, of despair, of indecision, mixing together with our heart’s longing to know a greater reality, to live in harmony with our soul’s passion and creativity.  I have learned not to try to beat those swirling winds down, but rather stand at the center of the winds and feel their intensity. I then ask the Infinite One for understanding to allow the Divine Light to shine down upon me and provide me insight. And it has!
As I contemplate the national scene, I have learned just to shut the TV off whenever the conversations begin to pop up.  Some of the things being said just make me angry or in this case creates a whirlwind of what if’s and fear.  So I stopped watching the news and I sit centered in prayer, asking the Divine Light to pour out upon me to provide me insight into what I might do! Little by little I am getting more clarity; especially when I allow the “I am” to speak to me from deep down in my soul.  One inspiration was to continue teaching Online classes for Unity Worldwide’s Spiritual Institute! I began my second Online class on the foundations of Unity’s very powerful prayer process, this past Tuesday. I am in the process of completing my second book, which will be called Being The Way. It focuses on what I and Unity believe is the way we need to be to engage our spiritual journey so that we might be the way of light and love that lifts our world. I have other ideas bubbling up but I’ve run out of room! However, one of the most important of those is always to look for the light and wonder in others! Namaste, I see You in the Light and Love …
                            Rev. Patrick