Minister's Letter - “Something On My Heart"

Minister's Letter - “Something On My Heart"

 Listening to Marianne Williamson talk yesterday, which actually sounded like many things I say, I realized I needed to take action on something that is on my heart. I knew I needed to start with you.

There is “something missing” in the world, and in our culture, and I need your help to resolve it. Our spiritual teachings say whenever there is anger, conflict, violence or turbulence of any kind it is a sign something is missing that only the heart can resolve. This “something that is missing” is responsible for the mass killings in Parkland Fl and all the other mass shootings.  This “something that is missing” is the reason for the increasing violence in the streets and in our homes, and in the violent combative language of politicians and business people and the blame game that has spun out of control.  It is also the only reason for the very sad abuse that has created the #Me too outcry!  People are crying out for that “something,” but don’t know how to and/or are not allowed to ask for it; so they do so in inappropriate ways.

 There is “something missing” in the world, and our culture, and I need your help to resolve it.  I believe the primary missing ingredient is something I call a Sacred Relationship. We have a sacred relationship with each individual we meet, where our soul reaches out connecting with that individual at soul level.  “When we abide in an awareness of Love’s Presence,” it is extended to that individual and we “abide in God and God in us.” When we are not aware of this “loving presence,” something is missing and we extend to that individual whatever might be weighing heavy on our mind! That other individual then reacts to our heaviness, responding in kind, and perhaps adding the burdens of their heart and mind.   We then find ourselves in a conflict we don’t fully understand, blaming the whole experience on that other person.  The Sacred Relationship we were meant to have meeting the other individual heart to heart – soul to soul “is missing” and we travel down the path of darkness.

The idea of Sacred Relationships is actually the grounding principle of the “Golden Rule,” reflected at the core of every religion, spiritual discipline and thriving native culture around the world.  Jesus said it this way, “I leave you a New Commandment that you should Love One Another, as I have loved YOU!”  He said, “Love God with all your heart, mind and being, and Love your neighbor as you would love yourself! This is the foundation of all the Law.” We live in a culture where this idea has been forgotten; therefore, the opposite expresses itself and we are all calling out to know Love’s Presence.

What I need your help with is sharing this idea with others, inviting them to explore it and how we might go about sharing it; especially with Politicians and the Media. In Unity we have many different venues that talk about this idea, and how to engage it: books like; Non-Violent Communications; Be Peace, The I of the Storm and it is the focus of my new book Being the Way; we have workshops like the Q-Effect, HeartMath, Be Peace. This is just the start.

Parenting By Love and Logic, is one book I would love everyone to have. It focuses how to keep our children’s heart and soul open so they might make right choices. Making right choices will empower them to live the Golden Rule.  Then we need to take one more bold step which would do away with much of the darkness we see, to teach the basis for what an intimate love relationship might look like! How it would create a stable foundation for marriage; and yes I believe it needs to be taught to 5th grades, when they have physical yearnings to start down that path and don’t understand what those physical yearnings are all about. Boys are seldom taught those things and then get blamed for something they honestly know nothing about, most believing it is all about physical prowess. A year long class, boys and girls separate, as they learn what each truly needs to know to be the way of love. I have much more to share, but I ran out of room!   Namaste I see the Light In YOU!

Namaste Awesome One, Rev. Doc. Patrick