Minister's Letter - “Boldly going where I have never gone before!

Minister's Letter - “Boldly going where I have never gone before!

During the White Stone Ceremony, Spirit promoted me to write, “Enterprise” on my white stone, as my new name for the coming year. Enterprise’s theme is “Boldly going where no man has ever gone before!” Someone thought I should rephrase  this new theme to be, “Boldly going where I have never gone before! As I sit resting in the creative vortex, I have been contemplating what that actually means for me.   Especially since over the past two years, I have gone places I could never have conceived of years ago.  I am an adjunct faculty member for Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute and I teach online classes with people across the country.  In November I received my doctorate from Emerson Theological Institute, I am nearing the completion of my second book, and… But then you know the list of things I have completed in the past few years, amazing! So, where might “I boldly go where I have never gone before,” I have achieved all my dreams and more.

“The Q Effect” Workshop, I have been sitting in on Saturday mornings, has only caused the spiraling winds of the creative vortex to spin more rapidly. Previously known as “The Art and Practice of Living With No One and Nothing Against You,” the workshop explores beliefs and memories we have pushed into the shadows of our mind, yet still influence the way we live, and then it shares ways to deal with these shadow influences, so they will no longer have an effect on the way we live and we can live in harmony and balance with life.

As I rest at the center of the Creative Vortex, holding my new name and theme in my mind and heart, watching the swirling winds move about me, I think it’s interesting the movies I have been prompted to watch. Last night I watched National Treasure 2: The Book of Secrets. Which is about treasure hunters who face and overcome many challenges to find ancient treasures of the Lost City!

As you probably know by now, each movie I watch I see it through a metaphysical lens, where every person, place or thing with the movie or story is occurring within me, different aspects of personality.  So National Treasure 2, is about my listening to silent promptings and signs in the world about me, which will lead me past the adversarial mind to the hidden treasures of gold buried deep within me. As I do life is very exciting and engaging; every moment is a thrilling adventure of new revelations!

Earlier this month I watched Star Dust, which is one of my favorite movies. Tristan who goes off on an adventure of a lifetime across a wall in search of a fallen star, where he discovers true love and his life purpose.  The wall is a symbol of the barriers the mortal mind has created to keep us from adventuring into the spiritual dimension.  Now some might think this adventure would be filled with wonder after wonder, but in reality the spiritual dimension is a field of Infinite Possibilities with Infinite Power.  As we travel through this field of Infinite Possibilities we must discover and learn to use our innate spiritual powers and direct them to what we want.  If we do not, adversarial, possessive, controlling thoughts will rise up and try to steal the treasure we seek.  This is similar to the Patronus Charm in the Harry Potter movie we watched yesterday. In an extreme life-threatening situation Harry had been taught to focus his mind and all of his energy on the most joy-filled, loving, positive experience he has ever had and to send it towards the Dementers, which are energy-sucking thoughts (and people) that take all our life energies. Directing loving positive thoughts towards the Dementors will dissolve them into the nothingness from which they arose! So how do I boldly go where I have never gone before and live in the spiritual dimension and the field of Infinite Possibilities, while communicating with those who might not even know It exists, so I can experience the treasures of life? I send forth the Patronus Charm; I fix my attention on the Star, on the light that is within my heart and allow the light to shine.  

Namaste Awesome One, Rev. Doc. Patrick