Living The Unlimited Possibilities of Spirit

Sunday Mornings at 9:30

Living The Unlimited Possibilities of Spirit
Unity SEE - Self Awareness SPD –100

Human Beings are more than their physical body or the mask they wear. They also have Spiritual and Mental layers of their being. We are more than our bodies! Having an active self-awareness is key in living in harmony and balance with the Field of Unlimited Possibilities. In this series we will explore the various dimensions of human Torus Energy Field and techniques that can be used to expand self-awareness. In the process we will become conscious of our attitudes, beliefs, sub-conscious memory fields, and how we can have our buttons pushed and spin out of control.  We will also learn out to prevent it as we integrate spiritual principles into our daily lives. This is a required Class in Unity Spiritual Education and Enrichment Program

Books to read to help understanding the class. 

In The Flow, by Eric Butterworth;

Conscious Living by Gay Hendricks. 

What You Can Feel You Can Heal, By John Gray

You Can Heal Your Life, By Louise Hay