Lemonade and Cookie Stand

Youth & Family Lemonade Stand
Tuesday & Wednesday,
August 15th & 16th, 8:30 – 2:00pm

 Aren’t cookies and lemonade a sweet treat from the summer time blues?  Each year just before the beginning of  school, there is a line of people waiting at the Putnam City School District Enrollment Center to enroll their children for school.  We’d like to make their day a little more joyful by treating them to cookies and lemonade.

Would you help us share these wonderful treats with parents and children who have been waiting in line and filling out mountains of paper work?  This is well received by those passing by.  Please consider sharing a few hours with the community and you will be blessed in return.  We will have a tent set up in the front yard of Harmony House where we will be serving refreshments to everyone waiting at the Putnam City School District Office (which is located directly across the street from our church).   This is a volunteer opportunity and helps serve our Ministries Mission, Vision, and Community Outreach objectives as well as, our Youth & Family Services. The time served is completely up to you. Sign up in the church lobby or speak with Rev. Patrick and join the fun.