Ideas and Topics to be discussed

Ideas and Topics to be discussed

Children’s church

Noel Wellman, the young lady who has been teaching and working with our children during our Sunday Celebration Service will be stepping down from her position so that she can complete her certification to be teacher, it is her last class at OU.  I ask you to reach out and tell her how much you appreciate her dedication and skills in doing a fantastic job.  We also will need an individual or individuals to step in to fill the role.   

Texting Affirmations

An idea that has jumped into my head during the last two Unity worldwide conferences is texting affirmation to the congregation, to let you know you are loved and appreciated and as a way to help remember to incorporated Unity Spiritual message into every life. Now want you to know I won’t drive you crazy, with texting. The plan at the moment is to do it once week, probably on a Wednesday and hopefully it would be a bright spot in your day. I have done it from time to time with a few individual and they have always been delighted but doing on my phone is a little difficult.  However, there is a way to do it through our web site, I would send one message out to everyone who would like to receive an at-a-boy/girl and a pat on the back for being a radiant child of light. If this is something you would like they will be a sign up and permission form to use your phone number in the lobby.

TV Interview
If you liked to watch the TV interview that rev. Patrick had on the Christian broadcast network it will be posted on church website in Podcast and on his book website www.patrickmcandrewbooks. com

We Celebrate and give thanks for

Our New Board of Trustee Members
Judy Hunteman, Rick Wicker and Vicki Martin
And Our Prayer Chaplains who are continuing to serve our community: Ruth Gnagi, Connie Baker, Barbara Duffy and Dana Martin

And to our
New Prayer Chaplain
 Mel Jeffrey

And Our Prayer Chaplains who are continuing to serve our community
Rene Holubec Tina Wellman, Dana Martin, and
Mark Laverents,