he Power of Forgiveness A Workshop with Emily J Hooks

The Power of Forgiveness
A Workshop with Emily J Hooks
Sunday June 4th at 1 ( to 3:30)


Do you Dare free yourself from the Bondage of the Mortal Mind and live in harmony with the world around you?

Hi! I’m Emily.  Fourteen years ago I was destitute, and likely very near death. One morning, something extraordinary happened. I saw my whole life and the impact I had in the world. But instead of condemning myself, I forgave! As a result everything in my life was transformed. I chose to move through the pain I carried and to let go of the limiting beliefs I had about who I am and what the world is really like. I felt a deep sense of self-compassion emerge; as I opened myself to my whole true self.

In that moment I vowed to no longer live a tragic life, and I embarked on a healing journey centered on forgiveness. I forgave everyone who had ever caused me harm, including myself. In the process I liberated myself from the bonds of the past and the illusion of my story to emerge as the most self-empowered version of me.  Now, I work with individuals and groups, guiding them through this healing practice and helping them to realize their potential. So I invite You to work with me.

About the Workshop  -- The workshop focuses on five core competencies we need to be forgiving human beings and a unique 8-Step process for forgiveness. We will:
♥   Look at forgiveness as a personal healing practice.
♥   Discuss what forgiveness really is & what it is not.
♥   How to overcome the inner resistance—why we don’t want to forgive.
♥  The 5-core competencies needed to be forgiving.
♥  An 8-Step process to forgive anyone for anything (including the self).
♥  Walk away with practical tools & a plan including meditations!

Workshop is presented on a Love-Offering Basis

Emily J. Hooks, is an author and founder of the Forgiveness Academy. Her first book, “The Power of Forgiveness: A Guide to Healing and Wholeness.” Emily’s mission is to share the power of forgiveness with each and every one of us that she can to create a world that is a more forgiving, compassionate place to live. visit http://emilyjhooks.com