Finding Your Inner Healer

Finding Your Inner Healer


A Workshop with Emily J Hooks

September 2nd 1 to 3 pm


As seekers, we often find ourselves looking outward for the tools we need to feel the peace and empowerment we crave. But what if our greatest source of power lived within? As students of New Thought, we understand this but sometimes don't know exactly how to tap into it. During our time together, we will explore specific techniques you can use to integrate the mind-body-spirit connection in a way that allows the body to become our teacher and our guide. We will explore meditations, breathwork, and movement to increase embodiment and presence and provide access to hidden sources of limitation, chronic pain, or stored trauma, so that they can dissolved and released.  We will conclude by coming back to forgiveness and exploring how these techniques help us deepen our connection to wholeness and peace. 


Workshop is presented on a Love-Offering Basis


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Emily J. Hooks, is an author and founder of the Forgiveness Academy. Her first book, “The Power of Forgiveness: A Guide to Healing and Wholeness.” Emily’s mission is to share the power of forgiveness with each and every one of us that she can to create a world that is a more forgiving, compassionate place to live.              visit