Christology and the Last Supper

Sunday Mornings at 9:30

Christology and the Crucifixion


Christology is a very powerful Ancient Greek and Ancient Mystical Jewish teaching that was blended together and can be life transforming when it’s wisdom is understood and applied. It also is the foundation upon which the Gospel of John is based.  However, as Christianity evolved, it let go of the teaching upon which Christology was based, and began to use it as a way to support their developing theology about sin and it’s origins and how Jesus was the one and only that could save us from it! When some basic teachings of Christology are understood it not only contradicts such concepts, but, provides a way to see our world from a completely different viewpoint, world that is surrounded and enfolded by a field of living, creative energy that provides the basis of all life! No way is this vision of life shared more profoundly than in the Garden of Gethsemane and durng the Crucifixion.  “Having ears can you not hear, having eyes can you not see?” Join us Sunday Morning for a lively and enlightening conversation of mystical dimension of our reality.