The Sparkling Light

The Sparkling Light

As I drove to the church this morning after the second ice storm within a month cleared the area, I noticed the overwhelming beauty of the trees along the side of the roads. They were covered in ice. As the sunlight hit them they sparkled as the light flowed through the crystallized ice prisms that had been formed on them. It was amazing driving down a residential street with crystallized ice prisms lining both sides with the morning light shining through them.  “Wow,” is all I could say.  I found my camera and began taking pictures. I don’t know just yet whether or not just those pictures will do justice to what I saw. 

As I thought about this article and what I might write about the New Year I was a little puzzled.  Each year many of us talk about making New Year’s Resolutions and what we will commit to doing to improving our life. Then three to four weeks later forget all about them. “Hum!” I thought, then looked through the windows of the church and saw the light shining through the ice crystals that had formed on the trees.   Each moment we are offered a choice, to see the wonder, the beauty, the love and the light, or not. I would say to see its opposite, or its deficiency, but in reality, there is only what is before us in each moment and we can choose to see its wonder… or not.

Now I realize that when freezing rain is falling from the sky and I hear tree limbs breaking in the background, or I am driving down an icy road, that it is difficult to see and experience the goodness and wonder of the moment.  Never the less it is there!  Likewise, when we are in a life situation and it appears like the world (or a person) is against us and we are struggling with the turbulence that is rising, it is difficult to see the wonder, the beauty, the love and the light that is present there in the moment. It is difficult to see that individual asking for love and understanding – or a least what “we” might perceive to be love.   

If only we could see that Divine Sparkle shining through the darkness.  When I got to the church this morning, I went out to take pictures of that wondrous light shining through the ice crystals, and the sun went behind a cloud! Oh my! The trees were still pretty, but the ice crystal didn’t quite have that sparkle that they had as I drove down the street. So I took the pictures anyway and hoped they would come out.  But then the sun came out about 15 minutes later and wow those crystals were sparkling, so I went out and took pictures of the sparkles.  As I did, I thought, “What if we could make the commitment to shine our light in every situation?” “What if we could remember to be the Divine Sparkle we were meant to be?” Even when the “sun ain’t shining” and things aren’t the way we think they should be! 

Believe it or not this concept I am sharing highlights two of the underlying principles of the Unity movement. To know and realize in all situation that there is only One Presence and One Power in the universe, and in my life, God the goodness. And the second, to realize and express the Divine Sparkle – the Christ Presence – in the world, that I am, and You are, the light of the world.  Allow that light, that wonder that you are to shine through you just as the light shines through the ice crystal that have formed on the trees this morning.

You might ask, “How can I do this?” Well the Unity Movement has some very powerful teachings that can transform the world, and each of our lives, if we learn them and learn to practice them in our daily lives.  It is one of the Key Intentions and commitments of this Spiritual Community to learn and share these teachings. This Key Intention is shared later in the Newsletter.  It is also one of my Key Intention and one of my passions.  

So, I say Namaste- the Sparkling Light of the Divine in Me Salutes the Sparkling light of the Divine in You! 

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