Being The Way – The Fulfillment of the Law

Have you ever thought of training to be a Jedi ?!?
Then you might be interested in Learning about

Being The Way –
The Fulfillment of the Law

To Be a Jedi, you must first learn the ways of the Force as it flows around and within you, so that you can connect with It and feel It’s Presence. Only then can you understand Its movements and be able to direct It!

The Star Wars Series caught the American Public’s fascination with a very powerful metaphor, which reflects Spirit’s Presence in our lives and how we might tap into It.  Rev. Patrick believes these teachings are at the heart and core of Unity’s teachings and were the basis of what Jesus tried to share with followers, but these teachings got lost in time, just as the teachings of the Jedi were lost overtime in the Stars Wars Series.  

You are invited to awaken to the Force flowing through you by moving into a deeper process of spiritual growth and development, just as Luke, Leya, Annekin, Rey and Finn were invited to do in The Force Awakens. Although there will be no external battles with Star Ships and Light Sabers, only internal battles as the ego tries to hang onto the legends of Storm Troopers It’s built up.    Some might call this a discipleship program, and so it is, but if that word causes you some resistance I invite you to look at that resistance, then transform it.  Because developing a spiritual discipline is the only way you can truly embrace the Force.

This newly approved spiritual enrichment series will take place on Saturdays morning 9:30 am till 12:00 and began on August 12th (You’ll get one Saturday off each month. We will be exploring some of Unity core books, and some soul stretching lessons that the original Jedi, Jesus, shared. When Jesus began his journey described in the Gospel, he called forth 12 disciples to make the journey with him, and so I invite you to go on an adventure with me.  If interested please look at the dates we are considering for this deep exploration of the soul and look for the sign up in the lobby!

The Price? Stating the intention of taking the leadership position of a team within our spiritual community, signing a covenant, and setting the intention to understanding the soul stretching principle of Tithing. If you have questions please speak with Rev. Patrick