Being of Sacred Service --hanksgiving Sunday, Silent Auction and More…

Being of Sacred Service
Thanksgiving Sunday, Silent Auction and More…

I am giving Thanks because I am Loving being with all of you.  Your dedication to this church and your spirituality warms my heart every day.  Last Sunday, Thanksgiving Sunday for us, when some key people were off celebrating and attending to other duties, those of you who were present gave your all.  It was a day of helping, honoring family and friends, showing appreciation for your lives and knowing life is getting better every day.  

Many of you are tithing Time and Talent to this Spiritual Community, and that is another thing to be giving Thanks for.  Volunteering in this church has given me a spiritual boost.  I can feel a change/growth since last summer, with little insights and beautiful feelings popping up here and there, now and then. (And more often than in the past.)  Having the Sunday Buffet/Potluck Lunch has made a beautiful sense of community for all of us.  People get to know each other better and realize they are supported in their lives by the Unity Community.  

Unity people will be setting up the Silent Auction on December 6 and 7th for the December 8 event.  Others are donating items for sale and bidding on things they are drawn to.  It is my hope that many items will be donated, and all will be bid on and won by someone.  If there are leftover items we could donate them to a worthy organization.  (Or the donor could take them back home.)

I appreciate the Spirit in each and every one of you.  It is my hope that you have a Marvelous Holiday Season.  You deserve it!

Barbara Duffy