Being of Sacred Service

Being of Sacred Service
By Barbara Duffy


Sacred Service ROCKS!

The Library in Fellowship Hall is up to date and neat!  Thanks to Candace for doing such a terrific job, and to her helpers: Iva, Regina, and many more

The weekly kitchen cleanup volunteers have asked for additional consistent help.  With only two people in there at times, the job is bigger than it must be.  There are several members who volunteer periodically, and they are tremendously appreciated.  We just need to make certain there are enough volunteers each week to get the job done quickly.  If you are interested check with Barbara, Rick, or Betty, or, just go into the kitchen and offer to help.

Volunteers Betty, Earl, Mel and Will are planting a tomato, onion and herb garden atop bales of hay just North of the labyrinth.  They are getting some input from Rick.  In straw bale gardening you push straw aside and top with dirt.  It must sit for 2 weeks before planting to let the dirt and compost. break down.  This is an experiment and they will plant again next year if it works out this year.  

The grounds people have been trimming rose bushes and getting the yard ready for Spring.  Flowers are already blooming, and soapberries are ready for picking to make soap.  (Making soap is an interesting project.  Betty can give you the recipe)

The Visitor and Discussion Table d
uring fellowship hour is always full and the conversation is interesting and enlightening. Phil and Karen G. are the board members who are in charge, and who keep the conversation going.