Being of Sacred Service

The Beauty of Sacred Service
                      By Barbara Duffy

In Unity we believe being involved in Sacred Service is a pathway to experiencing Spirit’s Presence. We believe being of Sacred Service is essential to one’s spiritual growth.  Getting involved creates an opening for us to realize our Oneness with others in our community. 

Do you want to feel that you are giving back to the community – your church community?  Participating in Sacred Service is an excellent way to achieve the feeling of spiritual contentment.  So many of our Spiritual Community are achieving this special feeling right now as they do a variety of services on Sunday and through the week.  One way of providing Sacred Service we haven’t mentioned is writing an article for the newsletter – an article that details how you came to do Sacred Service and what a spiritual connection you feel when you do it.  Check in with Rev. Patrick to get the guidelines for such an article.

Some other ways include running the slides for the Sunday Service on the 3rd Sunday of the month.  Vince has been doing a terrific job, and has moved on to covering the bookstore that day.  The slide program is set up in advance, so all you would need to do is stay alert and push the button at the right time.  

Additional helpers are needed to sit in on the Children and  Youth program on Sunday mornings with Noel. If you love children and want to contribute to their spiritual development this is a place for you.  You would be an aide as Noel teaches the class.  The children range in age from 5 years to high school. Sign up with Rev. Patrick if you can do this.  Volunteers who work with children must be cleared by the OSBI.

The Library is another area that needs cleanup and attending.  The former librarian has resigned to do other jobs, and someone is needed to get the books in order and keep up with checkouts and returns.

If you like to be outdoors to feel that special Sacred Service feeling, assistance on the grounds could be the ticket.  Weeds need pulling, bushes need trimming, plants need watering, you know how that goes.  Check with Rev. Patrick, Barbara Duffy or Regina Birchall for more information.

Are you handy around the house?  Check with Rev. Patrick about being handy around the church building, as needed.

The Welcoming Committee is really composed of all the congregation.  The duties are to welcome new people and introduce them to others.  Also sitting with them at lunch is a good way to get to know them and make them feel welcome.

We can always use volunteers for Ushers, Kitchen Prep, Clean up after Lunch,  



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