Being of Sacred Service

Being of Sacred Service -- USLC’s Talent Show
By Barbara Duffy

The USLC Talent Show was a great success.  The talented performers played, sang, and showed off their artistic endeavors.  Karen West led off with an accordion piece.  Connie Bradley entertained with audience participation jokes and riddles between each set. Rene Holubec performed with a Singing Cup to the tune of When I’m Gone.  Mike Winters  wowed us with his amazing vocal chords in Witchcraft.  Tina and Keith Wellman displayed their paintings and copper artwork  Keith demonstrated coloring copper with a  small torch.  Betty Loggerio  displayed her beautiful weaving in the form of rugs and place mats. Raleigh Martin played Walk Gently and Doodlebug on the piano.  Rene  played show tunes on  the French Horn and the audience guessed which movie they came from.  Maggie Able played the theremin and astounded us all.
This annual  program was co-chaired this year by Janice Francis Smith and Rene  Holobek.             .
The Tale
nt Show is an example of some of the many ways we can perform Sacred Service at USLC.  It develops our natural gifts and talents.  It even develops the gift of appreciation in the audience and in other performers.  AND giving from love always raises consciousness.  
Sacred Servic
e comes in a multitude of ways.  In our church it covers much of what happens here.  Rev. Patrick works between 70 and 80 hours a week serving us with love and helping us grow spiritually.  Our volunteer hours not only help us each grow spiritually, but they contribute to the functioning of the church programs.  We all benefit when we work together, and when we show appreciation for someone else’s contribution.