Being of Sacred Service

Being of Sacred Service
By Barbara Duffy



December was a wonderful month for sacred service.  So many activities; so many opportunities!  Sometimes when the regulars were not there, there was always someone who stepped in where there was a need.


The Silent Auction was a success.  Many people donated items for the auction and most pieces were bid on.  Some items that were not claimed were purchased later. Leftover items will be donated to a charity.  Some of the profit will go toward covering the cost of replacing the lights and ceiling tiles in the fellowship hall. 


New volunteers have begin their sacred service by exploring which task they would like to do best.  Some begin with cleanup after lunch and discover they like to participate in that way.  Others like to usher and greet at the door because it is a way to meet people.  As they get to know regulars they can welcome other new attendees to make them feel welcome.


A favorite way to serve is to contribute to the Pot Luck Lunch on Sunday after the service.  Participants whip up their specialties to share with the diners.


A current need is for a slide operator on the third Sunday of each month.  The slides are set up for you in advance and all you need to do is touch the directional arrow at the appropriate time.  What an easy job!


Candace is working on the library and Dedre has volunteered to help.  New books need to be processed and those on the shelves placed in order by subject and the author’s last name.  It is a big job and more volunteers are welcome.