Being of Sacred Service

Being of Sacred Service at Unity Spiritual Life Center
By Barbara Duffy

In Unity we believe being involved in Sacred Service is a pathway to experiencing Spirit’s Presence. We believe being of Sacred Service is essential to one’s spiritual growth.  Getting involved creates an opening for us to realize our Oneness with others in our community.  

Sacred Service is more than being a volunteer.  Volunteers provide a service and they are sometimes disconnected from their primary gifts.  Sacred Service takes into account each person’s gifts and interests.  The Sacred Service Provider actually chooses the service that most interests them.  This helps them grow in life experiences as well as in spirituality.  Those providing Sacred Service also know they are making a difference in the lives of others.
In our Spiritual Service program at USLC members self-select how they wish to fulfill this ministry.  For example, two participants have chosen to serve in areas where their interests and talents lie.  Vicky is helping in the bookstore one Sunday a month.  Rene is doing double duty, assisting in the Children and Youth Program and helping with the music class as they prepared a performance piece for the Church Service.   

Our SLC has many opportunities available.  For instance, someone who loves to cook helps prepare our Sunday Buffets.  Someone who might not like to cook helps clean up afterward.  Others hand out programs as they greet those entering the building on Sunday morning.  Still others get together once a month to help fold newsletters to send out to members and others who are interested in our philosophy.  The Prayer Chaplains provide prayer for each of us.  
Many other opportunities are available.  Check out the Sacred Service Opportunities brochure in the lobby, and talk with Barbara Duffy or Rev. Patrick about the best way to serve


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