Being Love IN Action

Being Love in Action?

The Unity movement believes and teaches that being of service is an act of love and therefore a way to experience God. Being of service is letting go of all attachments to the way a job “should be done,” and getting into the space to feel the life and energy of the Divine flowing in us.  Being of service in this way is essential to one’s spiritual growth and evolution; this type of loving service creates an opening in our awareness to realize our oneness, to practice spiritual principles, to discover and to develop our natural spiritual gifts.  The opportunity to be of service allows us to see the open doors of God’s ever-expanding kingdom of good. Being of service allows us to feel the Breath of the Infinite moving through us.

More than anything else, this Spiritual community desires to create a field of love for Spirit to do its perfect work in and through us. Thus developing opportunities to “Be of Service” is the ideal way for this to occur. So we have made a commitment to create a safe, empowering place for people to remember and experience the truth of who they are through being of service.  Our commitment is to allow our community to become an even greater, more vibrant expression of the healing, prospering, freeing message of love that was taught by our brother and Wayshower, Jesus the Christ.

I invite you to look for opportunities to be of service within this spiritual community, not only as a way to get things done for the ministry – it certainly is that, but it is much more.  Instead, view “Being of Service” as an opportunity to create heaven on earth, today.  How can you be of loving service?  What are the gifts you enjoy sharing with others?  What do you love to do?  What strikes a passion in your heart? 

There are many different ways you can become involved, so many we don’t even know what they are.  So we invite you to take a look at our Volunteer Brochure, titled Love In Action and see what calls to your heart, you don’t need to commit to doing it every week, but maybe once of month and then see how it feels. Does it move in your heart and soul to let go of your attachment and be the Love of God In Action, to be of loving service to others?

Being Love in Action Opportunities
Children Church Volunteers
Grounds Team
Hospital Team & Fellowship Hour
For more information talk to Rev. Patrick
or look in a brochure