Adventures in Prayer

Sunday Mornings at 9:30

Adventures in Prayer
Beginning February 18t

A series based on the book by Rev. Sharon Connor, who is known for her ability to teach concepts of prayer that stretches the understanding of our own soul.  Step by step she explores why we might engage in the process of prayer, and how we might pray in way that we can tell if it’s working.  We can engage prayer in simple ways that leave a very profound effect on us. Do you dare to let go and take the leap into the spiritual dimension, a field of Infinite Possibilities? Then join us!

Rev. Sharon Connor, will be featured as the presenter of our Sunday Service on April 15th and she will do a workshop after the service.  Studying the book will be a fantastic way to explore who she is, so it might allow you to questions these ideas and then take them to whole new level.  Join us for the fun.

“Sharon Conner knows from deep personal experience prayer’s lessons and how they can invigorate our lives. This book will assist anyone wishing to enrich and deepen their spiritual experience.”
          Larry Dossey, M.D. and author of Healing Words.